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  1. I have the game set to update as soon as a new update arrives, so it should be the latest version. Yes, when I created the save I entered a password.
  2. I can't enter my password to start the save. The section where you can enter your password is cropped out of the window, as seen below. There's no way of scrolling down. What should I do?
  3. After reading this thread for a bit, I´ve gotten inspired to try this challenge myself. I usually lose interest in a save before even finishing the first season. Hopefully that won´t be the case this time. Profile - Personal info - Nationalities - Leagues loaded I applied for the four jobs available at the start and got the manager post at the Romanian 2nd tier club FC Caransebeș 1913. They were funnily enough actually founded in 2006. They were dissolved in the 15/16 season because of financial problems. Hopefully that doesn´t happen to me. The board thankfully only expects me to fight bravely against relegation. Avoiding relegation seems almost impossible. My squad consists of 18 players. The team spends 30k on salary with a budget of 27,6k and I´ve got no transfer budget. The team´s odds in the season preview is 1000/1. The league is divided into 2 groups, each group consisting of 14 teams. There are 2 automatic relegation spots in each group. Team 7-12 enter a play off where 3 teams get relegated and the 3rd placed team play a game against the 3rd placed team in the other group´s play off. The loser off that game also gets relegated. So there are technically 5-6 relegation spots. Well I can at least try. Sidenote: I didn´t know you got 4 fluent languages for free as a swedish manager.
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