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  1. So, here's the thing. It crashed, for good. I cant go past this error and cant even get into the OS. Always crashing and restarting. I've concluded that i do not have all drivers and how do i see if i have all drivers? (i did the control panel thing, and went to update everything i had in there, it said i had the latest version). Now, these 2 crashes keeps appearing and i've searched and tried to do the safe mode thing. The thing is tho, everytime i clicked the F8 (startup settings), in any of 8 of them including the safe mode, my screen just blacks out and i have to restart. I can
  2. Ok seems to get better, today i played a lot somes games, but my games keep crashing for some reason. Fm17 i played for 2 hours, crashed once, bf4 i can only play for like 2 min till it crashes. Have no crashing in cs go :\ Edit: seems to be happening on some tabs in google chrome aswell, i dont know whats happening
  3. Ok I did that and ill see if it crashes again. I dont really have any anti-virus, i just use windows defender and what i did was to exclude the steam folder basically. In terms of the whole system restarting, it shows always a blue screen which i dont remember what it said, but if it happen again ill try take a pic. thanks in advance
  4. My game crashes when im playing This error keeps appearing (football manager 2017 17.1.1f899420(update) ) while im playing.. any help? I got all drivers updated. Sometimes right after i open the game my Pc craches. It happens with CSgo aswell. I never had this problem until today when i bought fm17 :| What i already did: - Update drivers - Eliminate d3dx9 files (40 of them, 20 on windows32 and syswow64) and install direct X - Fixing errors when restarting PC My dxdiag: DxDiag.txt
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