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  1. On this and other platforms there are many fantastic works made available by those who passionate desire to do and share what he has created. We have set our work in a certain way that may please or not but this is, who is not interested passes over. I thank you for the advice but we remain in our opinion, our work our rules XD cheers
  2. All our work is set on the game startup database so it is inconceivable with the update done by the SI with the 17.3, just select the default database when the game is created to not have this problem
  3. UPDATE 18/07 DATABASE Revised player's contract at 17/07 Players/Staff/Manager in according to Trasfermarkt at 17/07
  4. nope, only default database when start a new game but all is updated
  6. UPDATE 03/07 DATABASE Revised player's contract at 02/07 Players/Staff/Manager in according to Trasfermarkt at 02/07 Real Injures at 02/07 Over 200 players skill rated
  7. yep, data 17.0 and 28/05 the file with transfer is the "FMF season update"
  8. There will be updates for the transfers but we did not schedule the release dates
  9. UPDATE 28/05 DATABASE Revised player's contract at 28/05 Players/Staff/Manager in according to Trasfermarkt at 28/05 Real Injures at 28/05 REAL RESULTS COMPLETE To get the real results you must select the country and flagg the file in the data folder editor. The departure date is May 2th by selecting Iceland Argentina, Spanish Liga Adelante and Turkey ended in June after the results for these championships are updated to 2/5 and then proceed randomly. In all the other championships, all matches were anticipated on May 2, so that they ended on that date and had a conclusive situation. We remember that Playoff Playouts and European Cups are not replicable with the editor consequently it was recreated ONLY the regular season Files are independent from each other, so it's up to you to decide if using only one of them rather than all. Remember to cancel all the files included in editor data folder using the ones included in the pack Available : ITALY – Serie A / Serie B / Lega Pro (3 leagues) / Serie D (9 leagues) ENGLAND – Premier League / Championship / League 1 / League 2 GERMANY – Bundesliga / 2.Bundesliga / 3.Liga FRANCE – Ligue 1 / Ligue 2 / National SPAIN – Liga BBVA / Liga Adelante PORTUGAL - Primeira Liga NETHERLANDS – Eredivisie ARGENTINA – Primera Division SCOTLAND - Premiership RUSSIA – Prem'er-Liga BELGIUM - Jupiter League TURKEY - Süper Lig AUSTRIA – Fußball-Bundesliga