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  1. Summary: Date incorrect on Pitch Relaying Description of Issue:Board accepted request to relay pitch, news item shows: Steps to Reproduce: Request pitch relaying from board. Save game Uploaded - File Name is "Paul Trenter - Farnborough"
  2. Hopefully a simple one this. How do I set it so that while I'm browsing through the calendar, World Cup fixures/results show as they are played? I've got them set up to show on the social/news page but want the results to automatically show up too rather than having to find them manually.
  3. Looking good from an underdog perspective. One thing I did change was The complete forward role to advanced forward. A lot easier to find players suitable for that role.
  4. I would like to thank you for this formation Burnum. I've tried a few listed here (FuSS/Knap) with my lower league Conf South save. Yours has by far been the most effective. I have pulled the mentality back from attacking in the tough matches but promotion arrived straight away.
  5. I like these changes, especially for the lower league save I have going. I'm the underdog in most matches. Other tweaks I've found that improved performance are changing menality to Standard and shape to Flexible.
  6. My thoughts exactly, would certainly make it feel like your club a bit more. If you are offered a new stadium, you should be given multple choices to choose from. Then again, this is Football Manager, not Football Chairman. A stadium editor would be great. I'd also like to see the option view a more zoomed out scene of the stadium. Not for match highlights, just to see it all in one shot.
  7. If you are selling out, which you will if you reach the top league, and you have the funds, you'll get expanded or new stadium built. Each club has a cap on how far the current stadium can be expanded, after that you'll need a new one built to get bigger gates. You can request the board to consider both options.
  8. If I want to set match training at 20% or 40%, it sets a half day aside to complete it. This is fine but I would rather use the other half of that day for general training rather than extra rest. Is there any way of changing this?
  9. This latest version is the dog's doo dahs. Won the 2nd Div with Farnborough and scored in all but 1 match in all competitions.
  10. Gonna stay with the original tactic I was using. This "Chrissy's Way" seems over reliant on the short corner bug. Changed the corner settings and pretty awful defensively for my Farney side compared to the the first tactic.
  11. That was the only problem(as with most tactics) that I had with your original one. It was a bit too attacking for the not so good sides so kept getting caught on the counter. Pulling few players back seemed to plug some of the gaps though.
  12. and there it is. After 5 seasons finishing midtable, my slightly tweaked version of your tactic has done the business: Predicted to finish bottom and won it with 6 games to go. Full Time and League footy awaits, scary times indeed Thanks again.
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