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  1. Realistic Stadiums in 3d

    My thoughts exactly, would certainly make it feel like your club a bit more. If you are offered a new stadium, you should be given multple choices to choose from. Then again, this is Football Manager, not Football Chairman. A stadium editor would be great. I'd also like to see the option view a more zoomed out scene of the stadium. Not for match highlights, just to see it all in one shot.
  2. How about fictional sponsor names/logos to give the experience a bit more realism. Over time sponsors naturally come and go. Not just for leagues and cups but also within clubs. Shirt & Ground sponsors. Even additional 'minor' club sponsors. It could lead to matching sponsor boards on the ground and/or around the pitch. You could maybe have the option to turn this feature on or off at the start.
  3. If you are selling out, which you will if you reach the top league, and you have the funds, you'll get expanded or new stadium built. Each club has a cap on how far the current stadium can be expanded, after that you'll need a new one built to get bigger gates. You can request the board to consider both options.
  4. If I want to set match training at 20% or 40%, it sets a half day aside to complete it. This is fine but I would rather use the other half of that day for general training rather than extra rest. Is there any way of changing this?
  5. This latest version is the dog's doo dahs. Won the 2nd Div with Farnborough and scored in all but 1 match in all competitions.
  6. Gonna stay with the original tactic I was using. This "Chrissy's Way" seems over reliant on the short corner bug. Changed the corner settings and pretty awful defensively for my Farney side compared to the the first tactic.
  7. That was the only problem(as with most tactics) that I had with your original one. It was a bit too attacking for the not so good sides so kept getting caught on the counter. Pulling few players back seemed to plug some of the gaps though.
  8. and there it is. After 5 seasons finishing midtable, my slightly tweaked version of your tactic has done the business: Predicted to finish bottom and won it with 6 games to go. Full Time and League footy awaits, scary times indeed Thanks again.
  9. I'd rather wait out for a fully tested patch than have them rush out a not so confident version to keep people happy. I'd like to think the fact that it's been a few weeks since the last update means that SI have found a number of problems to address(and have stated as such) and they are testing their heads off making sure the fixes work.
  10. I'm doing a bit better with this when I pull one of the Forwards back into a Shadow Striker Role. Same instructions. I say better. I'm still conceeding but striker(s) finally scoring. First 4 games of this season read: 5-3 3-2 8-2 5-3 But Tactic also not fluid so might get better at the back.
  11. Defenders are certainly getting more goals, but then I think they scored too few in the past(aside from that corner bug). Screws my contract negotions up a bit. I always used to give defenders high goal bonus' to keep their basic wage down. Not such a money saving option now
  12. I braved a look at FMC classic yesterday for the first time but got scared by the unfamilier interface so quickly went back to my traditional game Back on topic, I foresee a future where the lines between Traditional and FMC become blurry until the one release where you can just turn FMC features on and off within the main game.
  13. There have been many threads already about this which shows it's one of the most missed features. There should be a middle ground though. Being able to talk about upcoming opponents should be allowed as it's something that happens all the time in RL. Maybe have the option the talk about anyone on their relevant profile screens but restrict the conversation options dependant on game situation or realism.
  14. Maybe one for the future, would certainly make it more realistic(and frustrating). You can appeal against red cards but I'm 8 seasons in and every dismissal I've had so far has been considered 'justified' by the assistant. There should be many more contentious decisions.