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  1. Update: Im still having this problem despite removing every league and re-adding them. I changed the season dates to include the date it says "10/8/2017" and it now its asking for this date to be added! "31/8/2016" PLEASE HELP ME this is very infuriating.
  2. Hello, I've used the Pre-Game editor now for years but today I came across a problem I never have with it. Every year i make Scottish Pyramid System but this year for some reason it asks me to make sure that this date is in the season: I've have tried to get around this and I cant but even if I do change the date into the season it just changes the date again if I remove the Highland- Lowland League it says the exact same thing for League 2 i'm not to sure what to do exactly can anyone help I feel like this might be a bug as the date stated "10/8/2017" is not ANYWHERE in my leagues so im very confused. Thanks Cameron
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