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  1. Hey all, I'm playing with Wolves, and I'm in 2021, and noticed something which didn't happen in FM18. Ruben Vinagre is still at the club (23 YO) and despite having been at Wolves since the age of 17, he did not become homegrown at the club and/or nation as it happened in FM18. Is that down to a database error? Pretty sure the way the rules are set, he would become homegrown by the time that he turns 21 years old. I also, if I could, wanted to suggest as I did in the beta for FM19, this PPM for FM20, for Willy Boly: Brings Ball Out of Defence It's a move very typical of Boly, and if you watch Wolves games, you can see that he's one of our most creative defenders, often starting our attacks from that LCB position.
  2. @Hugo Mendes Albino do we upload the PKMs here?
  3. I've been conceding long shots and free kicks in EVERY SINGLE GAME since the update. I was in first place in the Premier League with my Wolves team, with Rui Patricio doing AMAZING for me. Since then, he's useless because every single long shot goes in. I just lost a game against Manchester United 4-3. Guess what? I'm again conceding from outside the box, and free kicks. Literally 3 of their goals were carbon copies of each other, just a damn long shot that the keeper didn't react to. The same with the first goal that Morgan Gibbs-White scored from outside the box. I see an almost exact curling shot going in, either for, or against me, every other game. It's like FIFA 19 with finesse shots. Is this what FM19 is now? Ridiculous.
  4. Wolves loan manager is Seyi Olofinjana. Not in game.
  5. Max Kilman at Wolves has a really low CA and PA. He has been training with the first team since joining, and playing as the sweeper in our 3-4-3 formation for the U23s. He's got 25 caps for England futsal, which means absolutely nothing, but he's definitely good with his feet and held in very high regard by Nuno and our coaching staff. I would say his CA and PA need looking at, but if not, I understand, since he's relatively unknown.
  6. Thanks for the response, mate. Appreciate it. Remember to also add Doherty's "Gets forward whenever possible" and "Cuts inside from the right wing"!
  7. Matt Doherty should have “Gets forward whenever possible” and “Cuts inside from the right wing”. He shows game after game what he’s capable of and how much of an attacking threat he is as a wingback.
  8. “Shoots from distance” and “tries long range free kicks” too.
  9. I think "Tries long range passes" or "Switches ball to the other flank" should be ticked on Neves. His passing range is unbelievable game after game, and FM should reflect that. Adama Traore should have "Runs with ball more often" Willy Boly should have "Brings the ball out from defense" or whatever that trait from last year is. He's a fantastic CB but he's got a great passing range and does start many of our play from the back. I also believe he should have +1 on Marking, Acceleration and Pace. From watching him on a weekly basis, I really do believe he's way faster than the game reflects, and I did bring this up on last year's beta. He's a rapid player, which shows when he breaks forward from Wolves' defense. He's got long legs so his strides are massive. His marking should be higher because he's played against some top strikers already, and kept them well quiet. I understand I might be a little biased, but just my thoughts! lol I also think Conor Coady should have "Stays back at all times" ticked. He never ever goes up for corners, since he's our sweeper. And I do believe he should be familiar with the "Libero" role. That is all I have to offer for now. Looking forward to the response
  10. Seyi Olofinjana is working at Wolves as a scout and keeping tabs on our loanees. His title is "Player loans & pathways manager" https://twitter.com/seyiolofinjana?lang=en I would have him as a scout in the DB and assign him to Wolves' loanees to report back to the manager. I understand it's a hard role to fulfill though.
  11. As you can see on this screenshot, under milestones, Boly won the Sky Bet League Two, as opposed to the Championship.
  12. Morgan Gibbs-White doesn’t seem to have enough PA, when he’s one of Wolves’ brightest prospects, made many appearances last season, as well as this season, and won the U17 World Cup with England, being an integral part of the team. Also, I would make him more familiar as a CM, since that’s often where he plays for us, though he does sometimes play on the wing.
  13. Sadou Diallo should be at a Wolves U23s. https://www.wolves.co.uk/news/academy/20180830-wolves-secure-diallo-signing/
  14. I would like to know why Wolves are £100M in debt at the start of the game, and I’m advised not to offer a contract to John Ruddy, because of our financial situation. 1st of all, Ruddy signed a contract not too long ago - https://www.expressandstar.com/sport/football/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2018/08/31/wolves-goalkeeper-john-ruddy-signs-new-deal/ 2nd, and most importantly, our owners are LOADED. There’s no reason for Wolves to be in debt, especially since we complied with FFP last season in the Championship, and we HARDLY, spent too much this summer.
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