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  1. Thanks for the video link, that makes things a lot clearer.
  2. So yeah, what is the new system - it's been asked a few times before in this thread, but I can't find an answer (maybe I'm missing it though). The thread linked to at the top is incredibly long, I can't see myself reading through it all. If the new system is being limited to a few predefined roles, I'm highly unimpressed. The roles have a lot of problems that removing sliders only exacerbates. If they've been replaced with a different approach then I'm open minded, until I know what that new system is. Then I can choose whether I'm a hater or fanboy...
  3. Transfer-wise there are essentially two types of player you're looking to sign: The first are the relatively low rep players at lesser teams who are good enough for the premiership but haven't been discovered yet. These players will be young and willing to sign for you even while you're still in the Championship. You can get these transfers done and dusted while still in the Championship and before the game updates to you being in the EPL. Brazilian U-21s, medium rep European clubs (Greek, Turkish, Dutch Protuguese etc.) are good places to look. Because the player's rep is much lower than their CA, they'll be willing to sign for you at affordable wages in the CH. The second type are players you won't be able to sign until the game has updated and you're officially a PL club. You'll get a significant rep boost and will be more attractive to players when in the EPL, so players who previously wouldn't sign for you will now be much more willing. Good places to look are teams that have been relegated to the CH and teams that nearly made the play-offs. After playing a season in the CH you should have noticed a couple of top players in the league who would improve your squad. Also filter players by whose contracts are expiring or have expired as well as unhappy or transfer listed players. Quite often there are a few players who get released by a top club at, say, 34 years of age who are more than good enough to improve your squad but aren't getting played at Chelsea/Real/Barca etc. Their wage demands also tend to decrease after they get released - sometimes it pays to wait a bit. You just have to hope no one more enticing beats you to them. In general: don't go mad with new signings and don't cripple your finances. Don't sign medicore players, sign proper quality players that are good enough for the league. Also contemplate the odd season-long loan if you need strengthening. IMO the best (biggest impact) and possibly easiest signings to make are: 1) A good goalkeeper. Seeing as most teams only have one main keeper, there are always keepers not getting game time who would be a good signing. A good GK will help you eche out that bitter-fought 1-0 win or prevent a draw from becoming a defeat. 2) A top striker who will almost certainly be very young. Again the AI tends to let exciting talents stagnate on the bench or you can find wonderkids at lesser clubs. You need someone to hit the back of the net. 3) A waning midfielder/defender who is no longer good enough for a top club, but with excellent mental and relevant technical attributes. You'll need to adopt suitable tactics (generally more defensive and counter-attacking) against most teams
  4. Depends a bit on how versatile players are. Also on your formation; no point having two strikers on the bench if you play with a lone striker. I'm playing an offensive flat 4-4-2 at the moment, with these subs: GK CB DM/MC ML MR ST ST Ideally the defender can play across the back. It's very rare that I feel the need to change the defensive line, I'd much rather change my midfield, either going more defensive or offensive as needed, or shake up my attack if things aren't working or bring on fresh legs for the counter. Having players on the field who can also shuffle around when needed helps cover for injuries, e.g. drop back into defence or move onto the wing.
  5. Couple of things to think about: Crossing is completely wayward in a strong wind, so I'd suggest you cross much less. Long shots against the wind lose a lot of power; long shots with the wind behing them are rockets (albeit maybe inaccurate ones). The team playing against the wind is generally on the back foot, so you might play more defensively or offensively as the case may be. Long balls against the wind fall short, and tend not to be effective to run on; if you have a target man set to run onto the long ball, you might want to rethink. Long balls with wind behind them tend to go pretty far (even out of play). Like with most extreme weather, player condition drops quicker, especially when running around a lot (e.g. lots of RWB). In general, playing on the deck (i.e. shorter passes) will minimize the impact of the wind. Long balls and crosses are normally a bad idea, unless the wind's behind you and you're winning with time running out, or find yourself under heavy pressure.
  6. While I have won the JPT, it was never a priority. Winning the league or at least getting promoted is much more important. That said, once I got to the semis, I was much more interested in it than beforehand. In the early rounds it's really nothing to get excited about - attendences are low and you don't make any money. Getting to Wembley gives you a nice little payday though. So unless you think you can go all the way, I'd say don't bother. I've also won the league cup loads of times - the first time it was great and I was very chuffed, but once your team is vying for the PL, it's not half as important (and the board no longer care). It's an easy competition to win though, because the AI likes to play it's second string, which means that the top teams are liable to go out relatively early. That said, one year I beat Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd and Man City on the way to winning the cup, which I felt was a great achievement, especially as we hadn't yet established ourself as a top PL team yet. The only cup that I really want to win now is the Champion's League, which I've yet to do in my current save, although I've reached the final twice. It's the only top competition I haven't won yet (I'm playing as Gloucester btw)... A good cup run in the League or FA cup is a lot of money in the bank for lower league teams though. So it's worth giving them a shot even though you'll never win. A good performance in the cup also pleases the board, which is never a bad thing, though I think they care most about the league and are generally quite understanding if you get knocked out by a bigger team without meeting their cup expectations.
  7. It's surely less "confusing" than having to figure it out yourself by watching how the ball behaves. When the wind is particularly strong you can notice the effect it has on the ball's flight if you pay attention.
  8. It's not selective memory, it's false logic. Quite apparent from the poll options. OP's reasoning seems to be: If you have ever made 3 subs and then someone got injured, that means it happens all the time. Which is obviously nonsense. By the same logic, because I've played matches where I've made 3 subs and no one gets injured, that irrevocable proof that it never happens, right? -------- Of course I've had injuries after making three subs. I've been playing CM/FM since the first version came out about 20 years ago. It'd be weird if it never happened.
  9. It's been known that this is how it works for ages - if it didn't work like this, how would the game know when to show you a highlight without knowing that a highlight is about to occur? The answer is it couldn't. That's why the game is precalculated when you start the match and whenever you make any changes (and why it takes a while when changes are made to recalculate the match). The thing that gets people is they equate this with meaning that this means that the game is pre-decided and there's nothing you can do. This couldn't be further from the truth. So it's not "scripted" in the sense that most people understand "scripted". All that calculating the match beforehand does is mean that the game knows which highlights to show. Whether the same calculation is made during the match or before the match is irrelevant, because the result of the calculation is the same. This is also an important issue for being able to save matches. You don't need to save the entire match with every kick and all 22 players' movement. You just need to store the start settings and any changes. And you need to store the so-called "random seed". The random seed is generated when you start the match. You might know random seeds from other games. There are a lot of games that use random seeds to procedurally generate levels. You can enter a string, e.g. "XZYSIEWNA039J2" and that will always generate exactly the same level. That's because all the calculations used to generate the level require just the random seed as input. The calculations are then always the same for the same input. There are simply millions of possible random seeds. Enter a different seed, and you get a completely different level - in fact you can change just a single character in the seed and have a fundamentally different level be generated. If the random seed is generated on the fly (as in FM's case), it's common to use things like the value at a certain memory address, the current system time etc. to generate the seed in order to make it more random than just using a random number generator (RNG). If you save and reload to replay a match, a new random seed is generated (or should be). The only case whereby you should see exactly the same things play out is if you store the current memory state of your PC after starting the match but before actually playing the match. Someone actually did this ages ago, and was perplexed as to why exactly the same thing happened each time he played the match. The answer? Because he saved the memory state after the random seed was generated, which meant all the calculations had effectively already been made. In other words, this is the same as replaying a .pkm of a match. You shouldn't however confuse having the same final score with the same match being played. If goals were scored by different players at different times, the match was completely different, just the score was the same. What a lot of people find difficult to understand is how the fact that the matches are precalculated really doesn't matter. Whether the preforms the same calculation at the start to determine that a goal is scored by Smith in the 7th minute, or whether the result of Smith's seventh minute shot is calculated when he takes it isn't relevant, because it's the same calculation yielding the same result. It's like shuffling a pack of cards and playing something like "War" which is only influenced by the order in which the cards are shuffled. The game is decided the moment the cards are dealt, but the result of the shuffling only becomes apparent during the game. However, unlike in "War", you can do the equivalent of reshuffling the packs at any time in FM by making tactical changes. Events like injuries are no more or less random than any other event. They're precalculated as well. What it does mean however is that if the human player's team suffers an injury, they will be forced to make a tactical change, which the ME can't precalculate (as it won't know how they'll sub on). If an AI player is injured, the ME already knows the sub, so can continue using the original match calculations for the rest of the match. As I say, it doesn't matter on anything more than a philosophical level that this is how it works, but it does mean that: - Matches can be saved and replayed, and the file size is kept small - You don't have to watch all 90 minutes of every game, instead the game knows when to show highlights "before" they actually happen
  10. Just under 20m quid is the most I've ever splashed. I want to sign this wonderkid regen from Arsenal, but they want about 33m. I'm not sure I can bring myself to meet their valuation even though he is a great player and I have a 38m transfer budget just sitting there. I've bid 27m but they won't accept it. 33m seems like a lot of money for a centre back. I'm listed as his favourite personnel after having given him his first cap, so part of me is hoping he'll let his contract expire as he knows we're interested...
  11. Actually, the only chances that improve significantly are of you losing a lot more money. Your chances of winning still remain miniscule. You'd have to buy a few hundred thousand tickets to "significantly" improve your chances from "no chance" to "might win with a lot of luck" (assuming winning the lottery = winning the jackpot, not a few squid here or there). i.e. 282 x ~0 is still almost zero. Which has nothing to do with this thread of course
  12. What you can try is starting out in the BSN/BSS, i.e. the sixth tier of English football. ALL of the players will be complete unknowns. In the meantime the top clubs will go about their usual business, but you'll be completely isolated from it because you're playing in a different football world. By the time you reach the upper tiers (either through promotions or job hopping), many/most of the real players will have retired, and the top teams will be completely different. As well as completely different squads including loads of newgens, most clubs will also have a different manager, playing a different style. Relegation and promotion will mean some clubs will have nosedived and some will have climbed the leagues. It's like a completely different footballing world, although this does presuppose that you would enjoy building up a career from the bottom and are willing to play for at least 10-20 seasons.
  13. You could always play your worst U-18s, without a goalkeeper and line up with a 2-2-2-2-2-1 formation with everyone playing on the wings, your tactics set to very wide, play through the middle, gung-ho, time wasting set to zero, tempo set to max... you might just manage to lose 40 in a row if you do that. This has the makings of a new steam achievement!
  14. Low professionalism is definitely very bad for a player's development. I have a player who is obviously not very professional - you can see it in how he responds to being talked to etc. I'm going to guess that it's around 3-4. He's relatively determined and I think he's ambitious too. On the pitch he often plays decently. His ratings are OK, although he doesn't set the world on fire. The problem is that he's been at the club since he was 18 and he's hardly improved at all. I've told him he'll get listed if he doesn't train harder etc. and all that happens is he puts in a bit of effort for a month or two. Then it's back to same old, same old. I'd have tutored him if I had had the players to do so, but unfortunately I didn't. It's a real pity, because I'm pretty sure is PA is 150+. But he's 24 or so now, and he's never going to be a star. He's got attributes that mean he's OK and he still could have a great career in the CH or at a lesser PL team. But at 24, I've given up hope that he's ever going to get close to fulfilling his potential. When his contract is over, so will his career at my club. My overall feeling is that professionalism is important, but not enough that you want to be completely fixated on it to the detriment of everything else. But low professionalism is to be avoided at all costs, because it seems to be a career killer. I have players who I assume are somewhat professional but not overly so, and they've done fine in terms of development. So it's not like everyone needs 20 in professionalism or something.
  15. Well the big advantage of only having one attribute is that you only need to compare one number with another, rather than 3 using an arcane formula to get the same result... So yes, more realistic to have loads of things involved, but also far less user-friendly than looking at two numbers to see which is higher. That said, other attributes play a role anyway. In addition to positioning, I'm pretty sure things like anticipation help. I just think that it should be made clearer that jumping isn't how high you jump per se, but how high you can get your head.
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