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  1. anyone who thinks that sterling tackle should have been a red is mental
  2. think the penalty debate is doing a good job of hiding how dire ronaldo was all match. was awful against denmark too. will still probably get named in the team of the tournament, somehow.
  3. i edited the youth rating for a number of nations prior to starting my last game. i was surprised to find that lowering the ratings for brazil (who normally produce too many world class regens) didn't really reduce the number of top quality regens they had coming through by a significant amount. however, i increased the ratings for spain, portugal, holland, england and several other nations and they all do seem to be producing more great players, so clearly changing the ratings does have some effect. i also reduced the youth rating for argentina, mexico and turkey, which has led to them all producing fewer top regens - however, the latter two are still producing more excellent players than they should be. for instance, i reduced turkey's rating to 105, yet in 2026 the majority of their first team play for the top teams in spain, england, italy etc. it's very difficult to get the balance right, especially as different people will have different combinations of leagues, players loaded, etc for their games. however, ideally si should probably reduce the frequency of top regens for brazil, mexico, turkey, argentina, egypt, algeria and saudi arabia, as they seem to be the nations who get too many top regens.
  4. yeah, not like he's got previous form for that kind of thing. oh...
  5. um, am pretty sure fully fit owen would be in ahead of a championship striker and a half-fit agbonlahor
  6. seems to weird to think that if he wasn't injured, michael owen would have been back in the england squad
  7. i think england just does not have a culture of bringing through managers who look at the game intelligently. i mean, mick mccarthy is a moderately successful manager by english standards, despite displaying all the tactical nous of a clam
  8. when a team is low of confidence and due to start qualifiers soon, i can't think of anything better than playing a friendly in front of an audience largely comprised of those who bought tickets just so they could boo the *****
  9. quite conceivable that robinson would be able to battle back to being england number one in the next couple of years, but i guess this decision is in keeping with him being a lazy fat ****
  10. gerrard and lampard were hardly great, but weren't close to being the worst performers in the team, whereas i can't remember a single thing swp did right
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