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  1. Going to try this out.... i'll report back if successful... if I don't i'll have switched to space invaders
  2. The problem is I was.... and spent lots of bloody time to get thinks right, staff,training and most importantly the tactics.... 3/4 through the season almost unbeaten.... patch....broken.... arrrgghh... ha....
  3. I think the game of football is a lot less complicated than Windows.... but I get your point
  4. Yes, but the whole point we're making is why does the ME go back to zero every year?... a little tweak for any additions to the game like VAR etc then that's understandable, but football is football so why mess with something so drastically that gets fixed.... Every year
  5. Yes, totally agree with what you say, but the added frustration is that for any football fan you really want to start playing FM when the season starts.... it's already 2-3 months post season start.... and that's frustrating enough...to buy it and start playing in March is even worse.....Although that's what actually happens because the game is flawed until then anyway ....Ha... Here's an idea.... maybe if they rewound their calendar to keep it in line with most major league season starts Spain/Germany/France/England/Italy etc .... And before anyone says 'yeah, but what about transfers etc, th
  6. I do feel there is a certain arrogance about the fact that there is no rival game, they know there's enough people that love football... They know we are going to buy the game... I admit over the last 3 years i've refused to buy it...Then buy it anyway so i'm exactly the sort of mug i'm describing.... lol!... I didn't buy 19 until September.... a couple of months before 20..... doh.... Anyway.... I don't care if it's just a data update, introduce all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff.... Just sort the bloody ME out and don't make transfers unrealistic... that's the heart and brain of the game
  7. Defo agree with this... I've been playing this since CM 1.... The last few years have all been utter frustration until Jan/Feb when they finally sort out the ME.... What I don't understand is that each year is just a database update and something stuck on, like different training or a development option blah blah... So why does the match engine go back to zero...? If you have FINALLY sorted out a decent ME.... why bugger it all up EVERY YEAR and take 4 months after release to sort it out? I haven't completed a 'proper save'... 4 seasons or more, because every time I get going there's another p
  8. wow... I have never played anything other than the full game... I will have a look at FMT and see how it feels. Cheers
  9. Hi Knap, played FM since CM1, I have always downloaded tactics rather than create my own, maybe tweak here and there etc. Have downloaded yours as well as TFF and others. It seems that over the past couple of seasons that defensive looking formations 4132 4141 seem to be the only way forward. I've just downloaded your 4231 from FM scout but not sure if it's for the latest patch.... sick of all these early patches every year tbh. Game never seems to settle until February every year, restarted god knows how many times due to patch changing everything... haven't completed a season yet ..... anywa
  10. Bring back the photo.... Give us the option. A lot of realism lost with a cartoon character as a representation.
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