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  1. NVM, it's working as expected now! My mistake was looking at the match overview for a match played before I made the changes. I guess it caches the colors? Anyway, when I loaded the next away match, the colors were correctly updated.
  2. Adjust your d-line and consider OIs to close down their CMs and CDs to disrupt their buildup
  3. I see four identical icon and text entries in the editor. I tried changing them all but still not seeing updated colors in match overview and engine.
  4. One more question. What controls the colors for the stats bars in the match overview window as well as the circular player numbers in the lineup stats? The formation widget now shows the correct colors but I'd like to update the other colors as well. See screenshot below:
  5. OK thanks! I have the in-game editor so I will give that a try.
  6. I downloaded the new Premier League 17-18 kit pack but now the team colors in the pre-match formation widget and match engine do not match. How do I go about updating the kit colors?
  7. I noticed the same issues with my 2015 MBP using integrated graphics with retina-mode enabled. UI was much more responsive in GPU-assisted mode but the match engine even in 2D mode performed poorly. I recently upgraded to the 2017 MBP with a dedicated GPU and the UI is much more responsive in both menus and match engine without the straining the system fan. The battery still drains rather quickly in retina-mode but game performance unsurprisingly is greatly aided by a dedicated GPU.
  8. Thanks, I figured it out by looking at Vitrex config file for reference: <list id="column_properties"> <record indx="12" alignment="centre_x,centre_y" colour="golden" style="semi_bold"/> </list> Also had to add custom "golden" color to settings.xml file first.
  9. Thanks, I made the change but it only changed the color value of the column-name. Maybe I wasn't clear but I want to change the text-color of the average rating values across all the competitions.
  10. Could someone please tell me how to change the text-color of the average-rating for a player in the player profile window. See below: I tried changing this value in settings.xml but it did not seem to make the desired change. <colour name="average rating" red="255" green="216" blue="17"/>
  11. Yonko, could you please let me know the value you used to get the team form bars to display properly. I'm having the same issue with them appearing too dim in my skin. Also could you let me know the settings you used for the player form bars. Thanks!
  12. Sorry i meant the player form bars not the team's.
  13. This is very helpful! Could you let me know which settings you changed to edit the last 5 game form bars? I'm trying to mimic the color scheme in the Vitrex skin. Thanks!
  14. Love the skin but want to make one tweak to it. Can anyone tell me what to edit to get the form bars to look like in the Vitrex skin?
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