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  1. I'm also having a really tough time stopping through balls / balls over the top between the Half Back & central defenders. Even though Romagnoli has developed into one of the best centre backs in the game and Gomez is no slouch either even though his passing is abysmal. Their positioning, anticipation, decisions etc are all 16+ but mainly all goals conceded are through balls in the centre of the park or balls over the top.
  2. Trying to get a solid possession tactic going with AC Milan but having a lot of trouble creating chances and i'm always getting hit with long balls over the top or centre backs making silly mistakes. The possession is usually around the 58%-62% mark but it seems like the AI gets 1/2 shots on target and they both go in where as i could have 25-30 shots and not score a goal. I'm also finding it tough to get a lot of touches inside the box and getting the play up to the byline, a lot of the passing is side ways in front of the opposition 18 yard line even though my full backs are CWB (A) which pushes them high up the pitch. This is what the tactic basically looks like: Counter // Very Fluid GK: SK (S) LB: CWB (A) LCB: CB (D) RCB: CB (D) RB: CWB (A) DM: HB (D) LCM: AP (S) RCM: DLP (S) LAM: IF (S) RAM: AP (S) ST: F9 (S) Team Instructions: Lower Tempo, Highest Defensive Line, Shorter Passing, Retain Possession, Roam From Position, More Closing Down, Work Ball Into Box, Play out From Back. Haven't touched any individual instructions apart from asking Donnarumma to roll it out to the centre backs. Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Has anyone else had trouble trying to renew messi's contract at Barcelona? He asks for 775k euro per week and 175k euro per appearance and 100k+ per goal. There's no way you can afford it.
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