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  1. The path is user/documents/sports interactive/football manager 2017/graphics/faces There are two config files here.
  2. Damn... The only thing I can think of is to delete ALL content and then reinstall. Loosing all games and tactics
  3. Thank you for the answer, but I have done all this. I have played football manager since it was called championship manager and never had this problem before. In fact, it worked until recently. What I´m wondering is if anyone else have the same problem. Im using a Mac and icloud storage is activated... can this be an issue?
  4. Hey everyone I have downloaded some different mega files for kits, logos and player pictures. I used the download instructions and install instructions to the letter and have remembered to uncheck the "use chaching to decrease loading time" and hace checked "reload skin when when confirming changes in preferences" For some reason it still does not work. I even tried to reinstall the game to no effect. Anyone have some ideas, it would be much appreciated.
  5. It looks like it might have been a problem with the iCloud storage system on my mac. As soon as i moved a copy to the desktop the game reappeared. This is very strange.
  6. Well, touch is on phones/tablets right? This is on my mac and the game is the same as the one i started the day the game was released.
  7. You understand the problem correct. And I can find the saves as files in the "games" folder for the game under documents. I have not cleared the cache and preferences since I got the beta.
  8. Yea. The right directory comes up. I only used an exclamation point, and that has never been a problem before.
  9. So I started the game up after the latest update and now the game can´t find my saves. It is as if i never played fm17. I thought it might be me who had deleted the saves by mistake, but I found the saves still in their original folder. Any thoughts on what might have happened?
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