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  1. Many thanks Dan- still think you need a web site where we can give you a few bucks for al this effort. I like to start where the club might have a field and the team builds some changing sheds over summer and then starts on a clubhouse and then fences the ground in. My experience is the highest you could get in for that is Level 12 or probably 13 or 14. I start in the Essex and Suffolk Border League 2nd level (level12) or its feeder leagues. They need a clubhouse for their top league. Here is the lowest FA requirement although it could have been updated ( Step 7 Level 11) step-7-min-requirements-june-2012.pdf
  2. I think ground quality used to be an issue, requirements at each level. No requiement below Level ( Level 11 incl Prem and Football leagues ) Level 7 ( level 11 Prem and Football leagues) had requirements but very small www.thefa.com/~/media/files/.../step7-minimum-grading-requirementsjune12.ashx?la... Largely changing rooms and toilets. Moving up you need an enclosed ground, turnstyle, clubhouse, covered are for directors etc. This is why I wish we had a ground editor
  3. Many thanks for all your efforts on E & S league. Now playing badges available and Anglican. Ta
  4. This games a lot harder than I thought. Having getting my create a club team Chemistry Dept Brighton University promoted out of Level 14!
  5. as a greedy sod I am requestion Essex and Suffolk BOrder League which is same level as Anglican and feeds to Eastern. But Don has every reason to tell us to sod off if he wants. I am so grateful for what I have been given mate
  6. here is my home email Dan shroedingersbird@hotmail.com if you want to send an address. Id be happy to send you 20quid from Oz for your efforts and a Wellington Phoenix scarf which is perfect for someone who suffers supporting teams without much money. I can send Anglican league badges and xml file my first effort here to an email. Someone needs to put in the Framlingham Town in the Eastern County League Division 1 badges -the last one
  7. The easiest way just to have a standless ground is under stadium change the files under 0-10,000 crowd from a,b,c d, e to f,g,h,i, j. You will still get the ad boards but more realistic field with no stands ( ad boards can be changed to grass or picket fence)
  8. Of course. An area the developers should work on. I think Dans edit probably would be responsible for a large number of sales of FM16 and 17. Its the reason I am here. First they should give him 1% of the sales or a cheque for 10K for his work and making us all happy. Then the developers should consider having low league stands we can put in. Id like a place to spend our in game $ as well, preferably buying a club and becoming chairman. In FIFA manager you could gamble with it buy a car etc. There was one game in the 80s you could have a bung, but inappropriate education for kids, but its real life in the bottom leagues if there is betting activity. Finally I would like to start play in 1956,1966 etc. In the current game Ill be so old in a few years I will forget what club I am managing
  9. Back up the files you change each time. I just write an a at the end eg street becomes streeta so I keep them but they don't operate. The stadium above is made of the field background and all stadium stuff removed from the 10,000 gate files . Under program not NOT documents 1 Go programfiles(x86)>stem>steamapps.common>footballmanager 2017>data>sigfx>stadiums>0-10000. In the 0-10000 file take all the stuff out of it & save it elsewhere and just leave the no stadium file. In that are two files for the corner wall. Take that out as well. You will now have stadium without stands but one of three alternative backgrounds. 2.Go programfiles(x86)>stem>steamapps.common>footballmanager 2017>data>sigfx>outside_scenes>UK . In there are street, field, & city files. You may have been assigned the one you wanted in your game which case leave it and if not change it. You will have been assigned one and that's is the one you see in your game. However say you have a street but you want a field, make street streeta, just rename the file field now to street and it will appear. Rename the old street (now streeta) to field ensures other teams get different backgrounds. 3. Now if you want to change the ad boards get a program called paint.net- just google it-it opens the ad files, erase the add and stick over it what you want on top. I use that picket below so I have a picket fence which is needed for an H grade ground or rope. Each ad needs to be altered don't alter names. The ad files can be found at Go programfiles(x86)>stem>steam apps> common>footballmanager 2017>data>sigfx>graphics.pictures ads> default> and two under partners that are easy to miss. Variants are writing the name of your club on a picket or your chairmans company or graphiti
  10. I don't know. New to FM. I am playing at Level 12 Anglican League in UK as create a club Walton on the Naze. We took over the allotments next to the station! :). See Google Maps. Its where I holidayed as a kid. After my modification at this level all the other clubs in the league seem to have one of the three outside scenes and have no stands. If I get promoted to Level 10 where the FA decides clubs must have a level G ground, irrespective of the chairman I will edit in a stand at each long side using the material that was in the 0-10,000 file. I will stay with that till in the Conference. I am guessing but your Spanish 3rd Div probably has clubs with less than 10000 supporters and that's why it defaults. I live in Oz and don't play any continental Europe football. I really knew a lot about editing FIFA manager and hopefully will get better with time and able to help. That is if I don't get adsorbed back to SIM City or Civ 6 or West Brom or Wellington Phoenix in real life
  11. yes it will but you just need to change things by going back into the program or if possible with the ingame editor. I think most of us here are detail nutters , thats why we want the whole league down to Level 22. Not really concerned about modifying it at the sage necessary. At level 10 and 8 the FA has big ground restrictions, I like to incorporate that even if it just means editing there. As important is all the grounds are realistic
  12. It works well. The easiest thing actually is in the stadiums 0-10000 file ( which you can find by negotiating to stadiums through data/ sigfx under the program) to take out the a,b c files and put in the no_stand file which you can find there as well. Take the corners out of no_stand file as well. Back it all up first! You get no stands and no silly wall corners. I also change all the ads by making them into picket fences. You can also under outside_scenes file rename the training ground to one or all of the three city, field or street scenes under the UK file and get a swamp round the ground, more realistic if you just bought a bit of dirt in create a club. However you can have the terraces etc if you like. Its better, but I am disappointed because I could put in individual grounds for each team down to level 8 in FIFA Manager 09. It might be possible here because I notice in the stadia files under documents there is Watford. Not tried anything exploratory yet. Building different outside scenes and grounds with picket fences, and just an old changing shed should not be hard for most of us experienced in SIM CITY 4 modification and even reproducing them near to the real thing. When you see what Dan has done for us all I guess sooner or later we have a duty, if only just for him. However I am new and its great playing especially since the games are all so different. In FIFA manager they were unrealistic and most of us modified the con fig so we took charge of the man with the ball via a joy stick. After FIFA Manager 09 they ( Bright Futures, the contractor) progressively screwed up the game by locking down files till it was only suitable for kids. They then lost customers and then their contract. I recommend FIFA manager 09 to anyone though, and getting the lower league patch to Level 8 and using create a club in that game to create a further 4 levels
  13. How many here are happy using the massively unrealistic stadia for these lower league teams. Or do you modify your grounds and opponents grounds?
  14. Just an issue for fans - the stadia irritate in these lower leagues. Basically these teams just have a field as in FA's Level H classification. However if you go into the program section, and find the stadia, there is a no-stadia file. Go to the lowest crowd sections and find a, b, c, d, e etc. Rename these j, k. l, m etc and copy the no stadium file several times and label them a, b, c, d, e etc. You then get no stadia and just fields. Don't need a new game & when you club gets bigger you can put it back later. I do this when the level has a different ground grading like to get in Level 8. I also black out all the ads in graphics so they look like paths or make them green. I keep a copy for when I want them back
  15. Yes fifa manager allowed you to use your salary. This would not be difficult to add to FM manager. You save up what you earn after deductions for rent & food, can purchase car/house or other luxuries or a whole team to become chairman/women Benefits can be: Chairman/women. Cant be sacked ( could be you hire a manager who does what he is told as well. Other wealth could make a weighting into performance. The game could have an end where you die but $ keeps you going in medical bills to say up to 120 years of age!
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