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  1. was at dagenham & redbridge last year and was so poor, and when he played looked like he couldn't care less
  2. interesting this as i was under the impression that there is no longer a transfer window for non-league clubs
  3. Thanks for making this, i enjoyed it so much last year and am looking forward to it again.
  4. Yes Zavon Hines is a good one, also on a free at the start is Channing Cambell-Young, i signed him for my dagenham save and had to fend of the likes of Crewe. A very good defender who i'm sure i will get some good cash for later. Also have a look at Luke Booker
  5. MS10

    England C-Team

    Even if FM don't add it i'm surprised that no-one has made it via the editor for people to add. I might look into it once the editor comes out.
  6. MS10

    England C-Team

    I think that it would be a good idea to have the England C-Team in the game. For those who don't know the England c team is the football team that represents England at non-league level. It currently is managed by Paul Fairclough and normally plays against weaker national teams or more commonly against under-23 national teams such as those from Turkey or Belgium. The majority of the players selected are those in the Vanarama National League and so it normally represents some of the best non-league youth prospects, hence why many of the players have gone on to play at a higher level. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England_national_football_C_team
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