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  1. This is an old topic, but I have found a solution - hopefully anyone facing this issue going forward can use this. 1. Close FM if open 2. Go to Steam Library, right click on FM -> Properties. 3. Untick the 'Enable the Steam Overlay...' 4. Close Steam 5. Reopen Steam 6. Go to Steam Library, right click on FM -> Properties. 7. Tick the 'Enable the Steam Overlay...' 8. Reopen FM, editor should work now.
  2. Enjoying it so far. This is one of those awkward 'is it an issue, or does it reflect reality' things. Started as Manchester United: bid for Stefan di Vrij for £25m (accepted), but he refused to consider personal terms. Week later he signs for Chelsea for £20m; bid for John Stones, accepted and offer him £130k a week, with very strong incentives (including big cut of future transfer fee) and huge bonuses. He chooses Arsenal for £80k a week. Argument to be made that both teams are stronger on the pitch that United right now, but it feels like I have to go the extra mile to keep a player fr
  3. I've been doing this (albeit with a USB stick rather than Steam Cloud Sync) throughout the BETA - you have to set up your preferences on both machines (e.g. sound during matches, 2D match engine etc), but otherwise no problems.
  4. Wasn't working for me when I tried it last night - was saving and seemed to be syncing fine from my laptop, but my desktop was complaining that the sync had not been successful.
  5. I paid 500k for him on FM12, as Dortmund, and he just scored and scored and scored and scored until he went to play with the other old footballers on a big farm in the country (actually, I think he became a youth coach). Also got Andrea Poli on a free.
  6. Only Dundee United and Falkirk broke the Celtic dominance in my long term save, and they've won 17 of 19 titles. Rangers got back to the SPL but have struggled.
  7. Iker Muniain. Always sign him, drawn like a moth to a flame despite the fact I've had one good half-season out of him once. Surprised by the Cavani posts above, he's always been lethal for me as a poacher.
  8. I tried to get a system with one DC, 2 WBs and 2 DMs working, because my defence pushed so far forward anyway. It didn't end well.
  9. 41 league appearances in six seasons in mine. Has been transfer listed but no takers.
  10. Just took the Chelsea job, made some odd transfer decisions, selling Mata for 12 million and replacing him with a poorly-developed Mateo Kovacic for twice the price, and was sacked with Chelsea 12th. Let that be a warning to him!
  11. He gets a lot of goals from the wing, would recommend him for there. I picked him up £5 million + Javier Hernandez, who I hadn't been playing much.
  12. Man United were taken over by David Gill, 3 or 4 seasons in on my save, but most of the Glazers were still on the board. I wonder if this is something to do with Malcolm Glazer's age, and the game taking that into account? (i.e. retiring him, and using a board takeover as a means to do so)
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