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  1. I cannot change the type of training and when i open it, it just comes as a blank screen
  2. Luan is amazing from my personal experience... Can play across the front three as well Very good value for money
  3. He's probably not at the club at the moment, or maybe he isn't a real player?
  4. Steaua Bucharest from Romania looks very interesting... Additionally, following some legal problems they actually start this year without their club name and club badge... And are in a position to lose their history.... A history in which they beat Barcelona 2-0 in the UCL Final to win the European Cup back in '68. Also they have an amazing stadium and have a terrific youth academy to boot..
  5. Depends on where you wanna play them... Mandragora looks slightly better in my opinion. He looks a bit more well rounded
  6. As in if my club was based from Tristin da Cunha (the city), my academy could generate regens from the city where the club is based right?
  7. Hi guys, Im trying to find a way to put Tristin da Cunha on the map...( in case you didn't know, they are the world's most remote island and is under the British Goverment's rule ), and its not under cities in England in the editor. Im using Saltash United as the team im replacing and they are in the 10 tier of English football... Any guides to create an imaginary city?? Cause I actually want regens from Tristin da Cunha to be in my team.
  8. Haven't seen this guy posted yet... Very well rounded and cheap.. French as well
  9. That was pretty good writing.. I was fully captivated for a solid 15 mins..
  10. Had two funny ones on FM14.. Jonny Bravo - South African Demerial Arab - Turkish Mikhael Jordann - Czech
  11. This guys stats looking unreal... Like wtf.. Just wow
  12. Found this guy in Molde... His compensation will make peanuts look bad. I mean 4K........ Looks very decent as well, with that 15 dribbling...
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