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  1. I don’t run any custom packs, never have, never will. As for any links to the crashes, I guess the only thing to link them is that they happen during a match being played! I went a while without any crashes & actually managed to play the game for a few seasons without any incidents but over the last couple of days it has frequently crashed. I haven’t done anything different with my system for it to suddenly start crashing again but will post an updated dxdiag for you when I’m next on my pc.
  2. Despite starting a thread about the game crashing when I originally pre-ordered the game & had the beta version, I haven’t had a response to this thread since January 10th I now have a new issue which is causing the same problem of the game randomly crashing but it’s now listed as 18.3.0f1069563 The fact that this game has been such a car crash of a version & there has seemingly been so little done or responsibility accepted by sigames / sega or anyone else who is profiting from the many millions of games sold seems more than just a little shocking & sadly means that I will no longer be wasting my money on future versions of the game as it just can’t be trusted & the aftercare offered is basically pointless. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming you guy’s on this forum but someone should take & accept responsibility for this mess but that sadly doesn’t seem to be the case & now means my faith in those responsible for this rubbish has gone! Here’s hoping that someone else can come up with a fully working game!
  3. I have tried replaying this current game from the saves & while I could possibly go a month & a half (from the initial load up of the game), I can only go a couple of days (from the save game) & it’s just impossible to play even with the settings put to auto save every week. Let me know if you have any further updates because until that time I won’t be wasting anymore of my life on something that doesn’t work!!
  4. I have just had it crash again before the first transfer window shuts but I have a new message (the bottom one) Belarc has now been sent (hopefully).
  5. Before 18.2 was released it would crash before the first transfer window shut, after 18.2 was released it allowed me to play a bit longer (into November) but then crashed. It all seems random, different dates & on different screens.
  6. It probably went a bit further than before (after the first transfer window shuts) but still didn’t get anywhere near Christmas of the first season (as a landmark target). I think it was into November. So it’s random.
  7. Nope!! Still crashing!! But this time with this 18.2.0f1050224 (staging) has stopped working
  8. @tsosmi7 you are better off starting your own thread & be aware that it is taking the forum administrators days to work through all the issues before they are likely to respond to you.
  9. I have exactly the same issues, Steam won’t refund my money because I’ve played for more than 2 hours!! This is because I pre-ordered & tried the Beta version, it crashed, I thought I’d wait for the full version, it crashed, I have tried everything that I have been advised to do, it crashes!! I’ve emailed Sega to get my money back, took them 2 weeks to reply & I’ve now been waiting for 11 days for a reply to my reply!! The whole FM situation is beyond a joke, they’ve pocketed their money & seemingly don’t give a stuff about anyone else!! I’ve never had an issue with any previous editions of FM or any other games for that matter but this game is simply unplayable & is now meaning that I won’t be wasting my money on future versions when the treatment is so shoddy!! To constantly blame it on anti-viruses, GPU & even BIOS is a joke, just admit there’s a problem & tell us you’re working on a fix!!
  10. So out of desperation for this game to work properly & to allow me to play it as it should be played, I have tried once again to play from the start, by reinstalling the game again & starting from the very beginning again (I’ve lost count just how many times I have done this) but once again, the game crashes on me after I’ve wasted at least 4 hours of my life (again)!! I’m at a loss for what exactly I’m supposed to do to just play a computer game that I have paid good money for, the game & it’s glitches & faults have cost me more hours & more money than I care to calculate & I just find it all very unacceptable. My system ran perfectly for years prior to me installing FM18 & since installing FM18 I have been unable to get beyond November of the first season EVER!! Not because I’ve been sacked but because the game has crashed on me every time & this is the thanks I get for pre-ordering the game!! And because I pre-ordered the game & was lucky (that’s sarcasm by the way) enough to get the Beta version, which also constantly crashed on me, I kept the game in the hope that the faults would be rectified but alas, the full version of the game was released & exactly the same issues happened but after doing as advised by the staff on this forum, my system developed issues with being unable to start, which required me to send my system in for repair at a cost of £80 to have Windows reinstalled as even they couldn’t fix the issue!! And even with a completely clean system & everything being updated to the latest versions (BIOS & Graphics) the game still won’t play as it should!! I could maybe accept that this situation is a one off & I’ve just been unlucky but it’s not just me, it’s not just my system, there are many many people with the same or similar issues to mine & none of those people are able to play a product properly that they’ve paid for!! But because I have persevered with trying to fix the games issues & I’ve continued to try & play the game in the hope of a miracle cure, Steam won’t refund me my money because I’ve played more than 2 hours!! To play less than 2 hours on this game would probably mean deciding to do away with this game after putting the ‘managers info’ in & doing the ‘welcome to the club gumph’ but because I got beyond that point I’m not allowed my money back!! I was told to email help@sega.co.uk I did this & eventually got a reply after about 2 weeks, I responded to their email reply to me within an hour but I’m now 10 days & waiting for another reply (assuming they’ll bother?) I have had more or less every version of FM & NEVER had an issue before, I’m at a loss for what is expected from me to be able to play this game, there just doesn’t seem to be any damn given by anyone connected with this game & it’s seemingly accepted that the people have paid their money for a product that doesn’t work but it’s acceptable & us mere paying public have no choice but to accept this inferior product & there is nothing we can do about it!! Well it’s not acceptable, no matter what you think!! I really am at a loss for anything connected to this game & it’s franchise but be assured, I’ve wasted my last penny on this game & franchise, the whole scenario is a joke but sadly it’s not one I can laugh about!! I truly hope that those people sat in their office counting their money from the proceeds of this version of the franchise are very proud of themselves & they have a thoroughly enjoyable Christmas from the proceeds of this fraud of a game because I’ll take a wild guess that this years version will be the last one before their takings drop off drastically because people refuse to be conned again by Sega & Sigames!!
  11. 4 days & no reply, do I assume from this that there is no possibility of a fix? I have also had no further reply from Sega with regards to a refund but then it took them over 2 weeks to reply to my original email so I guess I shouldn’t expect anything to soon!
  12. I received my PC back yesterday, completely clean with Windows reinstalled, updated BIOS & updated my graphics drive........... Managed to get to the match after the first summer transfer window shut & CRASH!! I haven’t even installed any other games onto the system yet, FM18 was the first thing I installed after start-up.
  13. Hi Neil, Sorry for the delay in response, I have had no issues playing any other games on my system but having just had my PC back, I tried updating my BIOS but encountered more start-up problems so have had to take it in for repair again although they have said I shouldn’t of needed to update my BIOS! I have today 1/12/17 had a reply from Sega from my email to them 14/11/17!!
  14. Here is the email I sent to help@sega.co.uk on 14/11/17 Hi, I have been advised to contact you regarding ongoing issues I have had since purchasing & downloading FM18!! I pre-ordered the game via Steam so I could have the benefit of early access via the Beta version, when the Beta version came out downloaded it & more or less as soon as I started playing it I came across issues!! The game crashed on me & just shut my system down!! I tried again & the same happened & at this stage I thought I would just leave it until the full version was released, which it was on 10-11-17, I downloaded the full version in the hope that the problems were behind me, how wrong was I!! Within about 4 hours of playing & at about September 2017 in gameplay time, the game had crashed on me again!! So I tried again & had a similar problem after a similar amount of time so I browsed the sigames forums to try & find out what was going on, when I did this I discovered I wasn’t the only person who was having issues, infact there are lots & lots of people having problems!! I was advised by Neil Brock (an administrator for the forum) that I needed to uninstall the game & reinstall it & restart the game from the beginning!! This resulted in exactly the same problems!! So I did it again & had exactly the same problems again!! I was then advised to do it all again but to also change the settings on my anti-virus!! It made no difference, the game crashed again!! At this stage I was at a loss for what I was supposed to do & tried to get a refund via Steam but their sole response was that I had played more than 2 hours & it wasn’t their policy to issue refunds after more than 2 hours gameplay!! I had actually logged over 35 hours but the furthest I have ever got in the game is September 2017 before the game crashed on numerous occasions!! I was then informed by Neil Brock that I needed to delete my graphics card & restart my system before reinstalling the graphics card!! Unfortunately at the stage of following his instructions on deleting my graphics card, it resulted in my system trying for about 2 hours to restart!! I then had to force a restart & now my system won’t shut down on it’s own or restart, my computer is now completely ruined!! This is a system that I have never had any issues with in the past, I have never had any viruses & I have never had any issues with previous Football Manager games or any other games for that matter, having persevered with the game rather than just giving up & asking for my money back has now meant that Steam think I have happily been enjoying the game (nothing could be further from the truth) & having followed the instructions of your forums administrator, my PC is completely ruined, I have had to give up trying to solve the issues I have because I have got so frustrated with having to force the system to shut down, to run repairs on it to try & get it to work for it to be completely unusable!! I am completely devastated at the mess this game in essence has left my PC, I have never experienced anything like this & as someone who is unable to work because of ill health after an accident some 2 & a half years ago that left me with a broken back & sternum, the waste of the £28 on the purchase of the game is bad enough but I now have no idea it is going to cost me to try & get my computer repaired, something that being unable to physically work, I can ill afford to be able to pay for!! I purchased this game in the hope that it would help alleviate the many hours of boredom that I now suffer through but I didn’t anticipate that this game would cause me so many problems & cost me who knows how much in repairing my PC!! I had played this game franchise for many many years & never had any technical issues but this version has totally ruined any faith I had in the franchise & I will never be purchasing another version of the game, I was massively upset at the fact that I had wasted £28+ on this game but I’m now totally distraught that my PC is basically unusable & is going to cost me however much it is going to cost me to get it back in a working order where I can actually use it again!! I have been left less than impressed with the customer service I have received since these issues have started & I’m hoping that now Neil Brock (sigames / Sports Interactive forum administrator) has given me this email address in the hope of helping me solve the many issues I have encountered that you are able to try & help me because as things currently stand, I’m at a loss for what I’m supposed to do & the only thing I can really see available to me is me going through Trading Standards because there is no way that having purchased a computer game I should be left in the mess that I currently find myself!! The whole experience has been unacceptable & I’m really hoping that you are able to re-establish my faith in the company that used to make such a great product!! I have tried everything to get this game to run ‘properly’ & I have wanted this game to work properly more than anyone else out there, just so I can pass away the many hours of boredom that I face while waiting for the new version of Football Manager to be released but all this version has done is bring me frustration, anger & ultimately destroyed one of the few bits of technology I own that can help me through the days & I’m now unable to use!! Please help me, I don’t how but this situation is unacceptable, if I was the only person or one of very few people to suffer with this issue I could maybe accept that it was my fault or my systems fault but I have never experienced such a situation & having viewed the FM forum, there are lots & lots of people that the game isn’t working for!! I’m dreading turning my PC on again tomorrow because I just don’t want to have to face a system that is unusable knowing that it is going to frustrate the living daylights out of me but ultimately I need my system working because I can’t afford for it to not work as it’s sadly the hub of my life & has so much of my life on it!! I really am at a loss for what I am supposed to do next! Yours frustrated & upset Nick Tippins I have not had any response from Sega! I have not had the email sent back to me or anything. I have just run BIOS update but is now stopping me from starting my system again!! I can’t afford to keep having my system in the workshop for repair! It’s simply not an affordable thing to be doing all in the hope of being able to play a game. I really am at my wits end with it all now Neil.
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