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  1. josip tomasevic in nk istra is player of lokomotiv plovdiv, josip tomasevic in lokomotiv plovdiv...is istra player
  2. how much time we still must to wait to play seriously save on FM 2020... so many ME bugs...fixtures are too so many bugs i ve seen....4 games from sunday to sunday
  3. Oooooo you know very well...what i think....read topics in league specifics about croatia.....every year we appeal thats yours researchers about croatia dissaster.....oh yes oh yes....YOU DONT CARE ABOUT THIS....that s Croatia
  4. Croatian league again very poor job..shame SI...no it s not wrong topic....or you dont care.. you have this in right topics ..but you dont care
  5. Can someone create this challenge after the crash..With start game on crash date without players Who dies in the crash..
  6. my friend...i play normally always in offline mode only go online to first launch after update and go back in offline is always working fine till now...i try open the editor it works fine...but game won t
  7. I have this no click..for next ...i m click on retry or ok nothing...when i m click on link...they hit me on same thing at the link what you give me....i m not understand till yesterday everything with game was fine
  8. what i to do whit this link...i don t understand...or i really must wait24 hrs..it is the same like before says: Currently your game purchase cannot be re-validated successfully, please wait 24 hours and try again.
  9. After New patch when update game i can run it .. says how i descripted in title something about codefusion
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