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  1. All of them, every single menu with multiple options it doesn't work. Also things like puting the mouse over INJ icon to see how long is the injury and it does not appear anything. Any hover doesn't either work.
  2. This is not new for me. I have been playing in Mac for years, but in the last 3 games (FM15, FM16 & FM17) I had the same problem. Dropdown menus crashes. I don't know why, but I'm completely tired of it. Sometimes I open the game and I can play, but other times, I can't. Sometimes it also crashes in mid-game. If you can not see anything down any menu It's annoying. I tried everything; clearing cache, changing my mouse... every single tip I red, with no solution. I do not want to pay for a game that I cannot play. Stop saying my computer is not enough for the game. Is the best on Apple store so It should be enough. If you don't work properly, you can't sale a game on this platform.
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