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  1. The new MBP is SOOO disappointing. I was waiting for it but I took the plunge the day before the announcement and I'm glad I did. I've been researching laptops for a week. If you want a laptop that's basically the same as a MBP but more powerful I'd look at the Razer laptops. They have the ability further down the line to connect a GPU externally. The laptop that you linked is very good for the price although they did have £100 off which run out 2 days ago which, would of made the base model £699. The only thing that put me off with that machine was the weight which I d
  2. Yeah same again that could run it twice over especially with that i7. But for £500 I'd rather build my own and have parts that won't need upgrading for ages. I know some people don't want to though. That GPU is the very bottom end of the 7th Gen. We are now in the 10th Gen. But if you only ever play FM then this will be more than enough. That 730 GPU is probably equivalent to the 940m/950m in laptops and that will run FM on max no problems.
  3. The first one you could run FM twice over on, but for that money you could build your own for the same price but with a miles better graphics card i.e. GTX 1060. It sounds daunting building your own but it's really simple. Just look on youtube and take your time. The second one should run it but I wouldn't want that AMD processor. It's really old tech now.
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