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  1. After the first two losses, what did you do? How did you approach the following matches?
  2. I've seen better performances from my team when they are overconfident rather than nervous...
  3. It sounds silly but honestly if at home, odds on favourite to win, tell them to relax and the result will come/play natural game if your players are better. Playing in front of your home fans can create enormous amount of pressure especially if you're expected to steamroll them causing them to be nervous. I would expect the opposition manager would likely tell his players to play their good luck as they have nothing to lose
  4. Looping, I think you actually get it but you don't realise it! Those are some fantastic results. You've used all the advice people have given you and you're doing a fine job. Don't be too negative about not keeping enough clean sheets, that'll come with better players with the right attributes. You should be very proud. Keep going.
  5. This. Closing down way too much. You say you want to sit back, you probably want two banks of 4 right?
  6. You need to look at the build up play before, not sure those seventeen seconds is enough
  7. You gone back to FMT? Never played FMT so my knowledge is limited.
  8. In my experience, that is partly down to nervousness due to teamtalks or teamtalks that don't fit the situation. I find that teamtalks can put you in a vicious cycle of manager anger, to player nervousness, to poor performances, to manager anger etc etc which leads to poor morale and awful form.
  9. Why would you critisize the team? Regardless of performance, you won the match, AWAY. Be less harsh when playing away. You've fired up the team, probably making them nervous for the next match. We know you want to keep things tight but you need to keep it in perspective. I personally stopped using Expect to win teamtalk unless my team is complacent and only against a team that I am expected to overwhelm when at Home. I find that it adds too much pressure and players get nervous within the first 15 mins. At half time, you fired your team up, which can go either way really. I'd actually give them confidence rather than anger them as they can overplay. You got the result though.
  10. Well to be honest, the people who know most about that approach are Cleon and Rashidi. To be honest, I think we need to look at the whole picture because it can't be squarely down to your tactics. It's the reason why I keep asking to see your teamtalks, etc. @isignedupfornorealreason made some points too that could be looked at. And how you are setting up training and which players you're putting into the team and their attributes.
  11. It's not an option to give up, people are still trying to help and there are ideas that you have yet to try
  12. I don't know really. I'd question having a DLF if you are using a AMC behind him. You want the AMC to link the midfield and attack but that is the role of the DLF who will drop back to midfield to pick up the ball and start off moves. If you don't have the strikers for it, maybe a poacher who can sit on the shoulder of defenders or a target man to high up the field to receive your long balls to knock it down for the AMC and to occupy the opposition defenders. And if you want to have just you FBs on Support, I'd maybe have a Box to box midfield to get into the area to create and score. Maybe even switch to flexible to get the transitions faster. I don't know, I haven't used a 442 in years and I'm no tactical genius.
  13. For each match, what are the match odds, what are your expectations, what are your team talks? What are your half time team talks? Post match team talks?
  14. Apart from seeing your teamtalks, there's not much more I can help with. My knowledge is limited. I seriously suggest you read the Simeone tactics thread. There's a video on the last page which shows footage of exactly what you are after... good luck.
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