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  1. Yeah maybe, i just hate paying that much in the SPL for youngsters i want to snatch up. To be honest i was saying this before i paid close attention to the wages a lot of my loan players are on and well... lets just say my wage expenditure is going to be halved if not more in the summer.
  2. Just got my Brexit ruling in my Rangers save and it seems... save ending. 17 foreigner cap. Minimum of £34,666 p/m wage to be eligible for WP to play in 1st team matches. Minimum of £13,000 p/m wage for under 23's for WP to play in youth/cup games. On the one hand that proves an interesting challenge, but the youth restriction in particular seems obscene.
  3. I use £ and monthly because i get paid monthly, so do all my mates and i have "monthly" bills etc. I can just process what a player costing 20k a month is worth to me better than i can a 5k a week player or a 240k a year player even though they are all the same thing.
  4. For the initial activation you would need to be online as the games details need to be checked against Steams servers. After that though i believe that Football Manager has always worked without incident in offline mode without a net connection needed.
  5. Looking forward to testing these out Rosler, had some considerable success with your previous 14.3 tactics last season with my Rangers save. Won the SPL at a canter, Won the League Cup, finished 2nd in my CL group (Spurs, Rangers, Valencia, Stuttgart) and only narrowly lost out in the last 16 to Man Utd 2-0, all in the first season i was eligible to play in Europe.
  6. I believe that Pipoli is referring to his slightly tweaked version of Rosler's Rainmaker v3 tactic, exchanging the regusta for an anchorman. In much the same way that for example sopmeone can take someone elses song and remix it to create another variably different song.
  7. Also got my key from them, last year they sent out the GMG keys an hour or so before the beta launched. Not saying its going to follow suit this year but heres hoping.
  8. Just got my key from GMG for the beta 7 minutes ago (11:26 UK time)... heres a copy of the email: Thank you for prepurchasing Football Manager 2014 from Green Man Gaming. You are receiving this email because your game will be available for download on 16 Oct 2013 at 00:01 UTC. This is your BETA Key only. Download URL: ********************* Activation keys: *****-******-Hunter2 Should you have any problems, simply give us a call. Customer Service Team Green Man Gaming T: +44 (0) 330 500 1515 E: helpdesk@greenmangaming.com www.greenmangaming.com For news and views on Green Man Gaming, visit: -------------------------------------------------------- So far entering the code into steam adds FM14 to your list of games, it tells you its not released yet. I suspect the beta will be going live soon and when it does Steam will include me in it.
  9. When you go looking for a player in an AI team it is generally because you know they will improve your team, the AI knows this too and knows that not only will you pay more than you initially bid but also that they will have to get a replacement so they either ask for a little more if they can replace him easily or a lot more if they cannot. When a team comes to get your player its up to you to negotiate them to a higher price, if the AI wants to spend £5m on a player you want at least £8m for then tell them you want £9m and gradually work it back and forth until you either get what you want or you are satisfied that the AI wont meet your valuation... then tell them to bugger off.
  10. Steam has an up time of over 99%, you would be as well flinging pebbles against a wall to try to bring it down as you are in trying to convince companies not to use one of the only half way effective DRM's on the market.
  11. You will get the beta right away from Steam automatically as soon as it launches. (you will need to download it of course).
  12. Season 4 complete: SPL: 1st, 29 wins, 7 draws, 2 losses (4 draws and 2 losses are from McCoist taking over when i won the league), Celtic 2nd 19 points behind and Aberdeen relegated. SC: Lost to Celtic in qtr final, was 2-0 up then Faure scored 2 OG's and some random celtic player scored at the death for it to end 3-2. SLC: Lost to hearts in the final deservedly. Top 5 players: 1. Sebastien Faure, 46(2) games, 7 goals, 1 assist, 7.60 rating 2. Stephen McNamee ®, 42(2) games, 31 goals, 14 assists, 7.58 rating 3. Alan Rafferty ®, 23(12) games, 22 goals, 6 assists, 7.48 rating 4. Daryl Finlay ®, 18(12) games, 2 goals, 1 assist, 7.40 rating 5. Alan Hutton, 36(4) games, 13 goals, 7 assists, 7.40 rating Picked up a few regens including a lad i loaned from Lille then managed to buy at the end of the season, have high hopes for him. Just really need a WBL now, everything else is either covered or will be with my regens coming through more.
  13. Figured i would try my luck and bid £4m for him over 4 years (only had £2m budget) and Lille came back with a negotiated bid of 1.6m up front and 2.4 over 4 years with a 40% sell on fee. I got them to drop the 40% future fee, the contract went smoothly as well with the young lad only wanting 28k a month. So just waiting on him accepting the contract offer now.
  14. Right, need some advice on what price people would stop trying to get this kid for... Noticed him when one of my scouts practically creamed himself after scouting France, i decided to try and play the long game by loaning him over successive seasons (this being the first 6 month stint of that plan) and hope to either get him to sign a contract eventually or to get him loyal enough that he would push for a move to be made. He has already surpassed my main AMC who is 6 years his elder and he seems to have no trouble with life in Scotland. I want him but i want to know how far i should be willing to bid for him, i have a tendency of going a bit overboard on regen spending.
  15. Saw this lad at Dundee United and had to buy him, this screen is 2 years after he joined the club and has been given a lot of substitute games as i went through Scottish Division 1, starting the SPL i switched over to a much more attacking formation with 3 strikers rather than 1 and he has shone. This lad came through the youth ranks and without a doubt topped anything that ever came out of them in my 15+ year Rangers save in FM12. He has played consistently since division 2 and has 66 goals to his name in just over 2 and a half seasons.
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