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  1. I'm asking this since a lot of years ago. We ARE the manager, so why don't give us the opportunity to see the match through the manager's eyes? I mean, adding a view from sideline, very low (height from the ground should our eyes height and you can calculate it from our height we wrote creating our avatar), fixed point or better if the camera can scroll just left and right for some meters (the length of technical area). The view will not be very nice, we won't be able to see clearly what happens inside the boxes or in the other side of the field, but this IS what managers see during the game. I think if I continue watching the game as I was at home in front of the TV I won't feel as I'm the real manager. Take me on the field, near the bench with my substitute players. Let me see what the manager sees. It would be a great touch IMHO!
  2. Starting from your idea... I asked for all avatar to be editable during a game! Why only the tie!? We want to change hairstyle, suit, everything!
  3. A little feature that I think will make a lot of us very happy. Most of the times we play a single career for many months (or even years) in real life. And in the meantime we can change hairstyle, we can gain or lose weight, young managers can grow a little bit higher, we can put on glasses, etc... Make our avatar editable during the saved game so we can change our avatar as we change in real life. Or maybe we reached 2050 in the game and we want to see ourselves with white hair. Also this feature can make happy all people who suggested to make our clothes editable. Maybe you have a red tie but Chelsea just hired you and you want a blue tie. Or maybe you have a nice suit but now you have to manage a team in a very cold place and you prefer a big hot winter jacket, maybe matching the colours of your new team. Or maybe you just reached the Champions League final match and you want a special suit to wear for this big occasion. Etc... Also if you notice you did some errors making your avatar but you don't want to lose your saved game you can fix everything just editing your avatar.
  4. Cool feature. They can also add a "twitter account" field and put in the real player twitter account if they can, if they can't for privacy reasons they can leave it blank and the excellent editors from all over the world will provide all the real accounts.
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