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  1. ah ok ty dude!! actually... while testing your creature in a middle team it happens various time (maybe because of conc. of players) that my opponent score a gol in counter mode :P anyway i made some tweak and this tactic seems break the ME :P
  2. wee done dude!! i hope to post soon my results... meanwhile a big gg!!
  3. testing in vanarama north with FC United but i have no doubt that will works very good :P
  4. well... what the most i like of your 4141 is your defense... i hope this 442 could be the same :P i think i had to take all the best because my team really sucks respect others xD
  5. just finished 2nd season after promotion into vanarama league and here the results: LEAGUE TABLE: MY SQUAD VALUE: GOAL ASSISTS: GOAL TYPES: @roggiotis sorry for late but i could not take first season stats ç_ç but only the last season... but as u can see my squad still remains really bad compared to other teams
  6. my first season into Vanarama (i dont really like 2 test tactics with Top EU team) with ofc FC United predicted last (22th): final placement: my focus is to get promoted to premier league playing with this 4141... btw it happens even this: feelsbadman by now gg!
  7. right mouse button and than "save with name" and you will find the ".fmf" file
  8. @Neil Brock heya dude.. just to let u know that sometimes it happens again this mistake... the only thing i can do to upload the match to my channel is using FRAPS instead FM18 tools....
  9. just a little update from JUVENTUS (SERIE A) - first season 2017 / 2018 no transfermarket but for K. DOLBERG from AJAX as vice- Higuain (because of saling Mandzukic) my worst results my best revenges now im gonna finish into VANARAMA and start a new career into lowest italian leagues soon updates i hope
  10. guys i really suggest u to not underestimate this tactic... im testing with an underdog (SERIE A) and.. what can i say u?? nice job by now
  11. ty dude... i'll test it and than uploading first season with your creature btw i choose ARZACHENA (SERIE C ITALIA) media prediction LAST (20°) SKYBET ---> 1001,00
  12. 433... offensive.. structured way!! Playing the ball down the centre... it sounds really interesting and what i really like is u want works all categories!! I hope u can do it!! ♡♡ Btw any suggestion about training.. match prep... pitch size.. any OI's (by now thank u).... so i can test it into Italian "Serie C'' (third italian league)
  13. heya dude.. maybe i wrong but i had your same problem in the last 3 hours ç_ç try to check (if u use of course) add graphic like skin (first) and facepack or logo pack... it seems they make crash last FM update...
  14. you are right man.. it seems that crashes only with personalized skin (and particulary I noticed that in some save-games crashes if we use INSTANT RESULT button.. now i'll test it with other careers just 2 be sure
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