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  1. Even the best tactics (according to FM Base and MR L) have a win rate of only 70% and loss rate around 17%. Of course the win rate could be higher, but this all depends on your team, players, fit with the system, player management and morale I suppose.
  2. What is a good tactic with 2 DM's and wingers? Can be from Knap but also others...
  3. In my Ajax game the club didn't have any sponsor income until January, when they found a new sponsor worth 2,8 mln per month. IRL they get 8 million from Ziggo each month, plus 2 mln variables.
  4. This seems like a great add-on (don't know if it's really a feature). I'm also hoping some partnerships already exist when you start a game. If I start a new game with Ajax, where 90% of the team is the same as last year (and 60% as two years ago), I don't want to see all red player links.
  5. Have been playing CM/FM for about 16 years now, and obviously a lot has changed. Don't know if it is because I have a kid now, but last years version was my least played en least enjoyable one ever. But still I played 300+ hours and that's why I always will buy the game if I enjoy it for a bit. But I really hope something has changed this year. I didn't like last years match engine and there was way too many clicking and squad management necessary. Tried FM Touch too, but that didn't work out well either. That's also my viewpoint on the new features. Some sound really nice, as long as it doesn't add another 3x clicking and repetitive advice from your assistent. And that's what I'm worried about. In the past most of the times it's better just to ignore your assistent's advice (we are being overrun in midfield), if only this changes it would be a massive win.
  6. There are just some small bugs that suck the joy out of this game. Playing with Liverpool, won the CL and first in the PL and Spurs (6th in PL) are interested in signing Van Dijk. They offer something like 50 million while he is worth 70. I obviously refuse and the player and rest of the squad is angry. Why?? So not realistic. Mentality drops. Also the number of unrealistic transfers in the Dutch league is way too high (Ajax buying back up players from PSV and Feyenoord for their starting team). Or I sell two players, squad raises concern that the squad lacks depth (which I can imagine). I promise to buy new players, buy two even better players back and they are angry I didn't improve the squad. Mentality drops. Besides that it's the best version I played, and I think it's my 10th year. But things like things shouldn't be hard to catch during the testing.
  7. Can someone post Bruun Larsen from Dortmund please?
  8. I really like the preset tactical styles and they give me a better indication of what every style has to offer and how it looks like. However, I'm struggling to determine which style suits my team. For example, I am playing with Liverpool and if I go to the team report page I can see that my team has good dribbling, balance, first touch and off the ball as good strength. My midfield is very good at vision, passing, decisions and technique and my attackers are good in aticipation and off the ball. But how does this relate to the tactical styles? Obviously with a target man it's better to play counter attach, but with the type of players above I find it hard to make a difference between gegenpressing, tiki taka, posession or something else. I hope someone here can give me some guidance on how to make these decisions, not only for my team now but also future teams.
  9. I'm doing a game in Spain, and my biggest annoyance: There are four games on a Sunday: - 12.30 - 18.00 - 18.15 - 20.00 I don't play in any of them, and yet the game requires me to continue four times. Why just not once and show me the results at the end?
  10. How do I change team fluidity of a tactic with the new tactic tool? I want to play fluid but in my preset tactic it is set as structured. I don't see an option to change it.
  11. Yeah I had two offers for key players in January which I rejected. Both were angy I didn't let them go. I also already had four goals where my or an opponents right back gave a pass from deep in my own defence, over the other 16 players towards the striker who could score. Beautiful goals, but would never happen (at least that often) in real life.
  12. Is there a change in tutoring and how to get youth players tutored? I don't see that option anymore when I click on any of my players (in the same squad).
  13. I really like it so far. Didn't play FM18 but this is a big big big improvement. A lot of new things and still a lot I probably haven't discovered yet (I'm in December 2018). Some minor comments on my Ajax game: - De Ligt and De Jong but also some other players are wanted by big clubs in real life. I didn't have a single offer in my game in the first season so far, they even extended their contract with 5 years. - Ajax is one of the healthiest clubs in the world. TD Overmars made it very clear in the media a couple of times they don't want to be taken over by some rich guy. And yet I already had two transfer embargos by the board because of possible takeovers. - I was hoping this FM would have some more realism in terms of league standings. I'm almost halfway and Utrecht is 1st, PEC Zwolle is at 2nd and Vitesse was18th (yeah I suck with being 3rd, I know).
  14. Maybe a stupid question; but if you buy FMT on Steam, do you also have to buy it again in the app store on the 24th? Or can you start your game and continue?
  15. That would be strange. Swapping two CD or FB and MR doesn't make much sense...
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