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  1. yeah that seems to be the issue. it was working fine during the beta but one official launch came i guess it needs updating
  2. I started my 2nd season at warford, Sped through Pre-season as i tend to do then started the first game of the season (at home to Man Utd) and the entire screen is Purple. Anyone got any ideas? I can still see the player information but not the match engine itself.
  3. How does one use the editor so that i can replace 2 teams in the championship (or 1 League One, 1 Champ) with Rangers and Celtic? I end up so confused with the editor
  4. Another good Malaga player is Juanpi. He's a bit more pricy (9-12m at the start) but he is well worth it with a decent potential and great versitility (MC, AMC/R)
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