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  1. Cheers guys, I was fearing the worst as I had a run of Barca, Real, Barca and before each game the press were saying I was due to be sacked. Then with no warning my job security jumped back up to secure and the chairman is happy. Onwards!
  2. Out of interest has anybody had a new chairman as a result of the elections who has dispensed with your services? I’ve just hit Jan of first season and am sat in 4th having briefly led the standings. My chairman is currently assessing me and my job security has dropped from around 60/70% to 19% and is now “precarious”. Anybody else had this?
  3. Any Spanish u16 you sign will gain Basque second nationality immediately, you won’t be able to sign non-Spanish u16. Not sure if you could get away with signing a dual nationality u16 (where one nationality is Spanish) though... if you come across one it might be worth a try?
  4. I found success when I went through the leagues by looking at players at league 1/2 clubs who were in the first team aged 17/18/19/20 as they usually had the potential to play championship or premiership football. Sometimes even lower leagues can be good. I picked up a winger aged 17 from Boreham Wood for £20k when I was in the championship, he went straight into the team and 2 years on I’m (admittedly bottom) in the Premiership but he’s now classed as a wonderkid and is one of my better players. I also noticed Aldershot seemed to produce lots of decent regens so I think I have 4/5 of
  5. Thanks for the replies, I’ve started it up with the intention of an academy only save. On previous versions I’ve done OK signing only outrageously expensive Basque 16/17/18 year olds from my rivals and picking up the odd Basque from across the continent, Herrera, Illaremendi etc, but my favourite saves are always youth-focused. Hopefully this will develop nicely.
  6. Haven’t picked up a good Bilbao save for a while, anybody had any success purely relying on the youth system with no signings?
  7. A few years ago I noticed that whenever I created a player from scratch in the editor, he’d never have a proper biography in-game. I always added in dates he joined the club etc, and contract start dates as well as playing history so it all matched existing players. However whenever I was further in I’d notice no proper biography. Has this changed or is this able to be fixed?
  8. Years ago I used to play around in the editor creating my own club, and from memory the population of a locality is included. Logically then that will factor in to things such as attendances etc. I’d hazard a guess that most(?) places would have enough people to fill a 25k stadium within their catchment area if they were far and away the biggest club for miles. I’m currently Torquay and as my biggest challengers will be Plymouth and Exeter, I’d be confident of selling out a 25k stadium if I was in the Prem/Europe. I’ll let you know if it happens though!
  9. Given the level of detail I’d be surprised if geography didn’t play a part. Ultimately you’d be competing with much more established clubs who will draw the majority of fans etc. You may be better off growing a club in an area where there is not a hugely established presence, but that’s all hypothetical.
  10. I agree that the player can self-restrict to make the game more challenging, and the ability that the game gives us to do that in such a huge variety of ways is what makes it so good. Personally I’m just surprised at how well I seem to be doing, having habitually always hit a brick wall in similar saves in years gone by. It’s interesting though that there seems to be a consensus that a “pick up and play” approach seems to be fairly successful this year too, whereas in the past people have complained about the difficulty of just playing the game. I imagine SI have been trying to strike
  11. In my experience the only surefire way to grow the club is to overachieve continually, as the in-game reputation seems to take a few years to catch up with your progress. I suppose it’s because you need to establish yourself in a higher division to show that you’re a bigger club now than you were before. Also clubs won’t want to necessarily loan their best young prospects to a team that’s deemed to be facing a season of struggle, which you will probably be labelled as as you have just been promoted. Perhaps ask for an affiliate club and their loan players may be more open to joini
  12. Interesting point you raise here, I started my only save so far on 19 in Vanarama South and have overseen consecutive promotions in each of my four seasons. I say this not to brag but to try and expand on the point about the relative ease of the game. It’s beyond anything I’ve achieved in terms of the speed of the progression and whilst I am delighted, you raising this is making me wonder if something is slightly awry? (I do expect this coming season to destroy my upwards momentum as my wage budget is £86k p/wk and Palace’s is £825k p/wk.) I don’t necessarily think the game is t
  13. I’ve just had a takeover as Torquay in League Two after 2 seasons, the preliminary messages indicated it would be a Swiss tycoon and now that it’s gone through the message I received in my inbox is the same as above. As my new Chairman has stated he will stop at nothing to make Torquay a force domestically and continentally does that definitively mean he’s a tycoon? He pumped about £2m into the club and my current balance is around £1.5m. Just wondering what I can expect really? EDIT: Having gone into the club, then landmarks, it states that the new chap is a tycoon. Wonder what the n
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