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  1. Thanks for the fix, I was paranoid that it was me that had done something wrong. Gives me a chance to do something new as i'm now a dead cert to get knocked out by a quality Rangers side.
  2. I can't register any of my players for the Euro cup 2. Registration screen says Euro II cup to squad registration (next selection date on 12/8/2021) but the option to select players is unavailable. When it comes to match day the only players available or greyed out.
  3. English premier league moved up in the competition ranking giving the top 4 champions league group stage, doesn't matter who wins the euro cup as the place isn't passed on. The rules say Teams placed 5th & 6th place qualify for euro cup, thought it would get me european football even if it was just qualifying rounds especially as england moved up in the rankings. Now i have a lot more players expecting 1st team football, it's either rotation or some broken promises. looks like i'm really got my work cut out this season. Thanks for your help.
  4. Sorry forgot to mention it's the 20th of September 2020 the draw has been made & other PL teams have kicked off their continental campaign
  5. Finished in sixth place 2019/20 season premier league rules state top 4 teams qualify for the champions league group stage, Teams placed 5th & 6th place qualify for euro cup group stage, Team in seventh position qualify for euro cup second qualifying round (depending on the winners of the FA & league cup) winners were Bournemouth & Southampton ( neither qualified through league). No European fixtures are in my schedule. Have i missed something or is there a problem?
  6. I've refurbished my old pc ready for 2018, unfortunately i am stuck with windows 7. Do i need windows 10, yes or no.
  7. FM can't deal in ulterior motives (the ashley M.O.). The fact is Newcastle United is up for sale, hopefully it is a simple job to get this in the BETA & expect it to be.
  8. Exactly the same thing just happened to me. Contract has expired & i got the same response £43m (minimum release clause) value is £25m.
  9. Any chance we could have a leave at the end of season option for us the manager, kind of like the Pep/Pelligrini situation at Bayern & Man City. I feel ten years is enough at most clubs but i keep getting bombarded with new contract offers.
  10. Does anyone know where i can find a European super league instead of the Champions league & Europa, Ideally with a couple of divisions. Something to play alongside domestic league fixtures.
  11. Just had the same issue but with defence. I signed some players nothing special but still strenth in depth. The result was mutiny which has sent my season into a total nosedive. I feel i did the job & strenthened.
  12. Once you start a new game & disable the budget does anyone know when the budget becomes available & you're able to make transfers? for example line up multi-million deals for january/end of season. Hopefully this is not a dumb question.
  13. At 2 different clubs in the first season before the end of september i've had players complaining about the lack of game time.
  14. Florian Thauvin currently on loan at Marseille has in real life played the requisite number of games to make the move permanent. In game the future transfer is finalised from the very start yet no games played. Has the fee been accounted for or is it still to be payed ? (I do not want to keep him).
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