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  1. placed in reserves

    definetly not in the reserves in any way. after i had the messge twice i put him in the under 19s and back to the first team to try and change it but that just made him unhappy. posting it as a bug is all well and good but it doesnt help my save.
  2. i keep getting asked in press conferences why 'despite being one of the top earners at the club my vice captain is stuck playing in the reserves. he cant be happy about the situation, can he?' the annoying thing is that he isnt or has never been in the reserves. i have been asked this 3 times this season and im worried it affects the player.
  3. Ask board to sign player

    yeah i think if you make a bid and they negotiate a price higher than your wage budget it will give you the option. that was fm11 at least ive not tried it in fm12 yet.
  4. UEFA's Financial Fair Play Regulations

    the man city owners have said their not worried about the ruling as they've had their lawyers look into it and can get round it by loaning the club say £300mill and then as long the club are seen to be paying it back (i.e. £1 a week) then it doesnt matter. also ways like selling the stadium name rights.
  5. you took away their initial transfer budget, you didnt remove their money so they still had all that money in the bank waiting to be spent.
  6. World map feature!

    i think its a great idea. as Raligt ahowed, it doesnt have to be overly detailed, just a simply broken down overview.
  7. 3-5-2 is used quite a bit in the scottish first division.
  8. sharp suit with the club tie.
  9. i think if you set them to world or roam they just go to their 'favourite areas'
  10. Match Preperation

    i have it full on team blend in pre-season or if i change my tactics but usually i just have it on average and team blend and it doesnt seem to affect me in any way.
  11. Dynamic TV revenue?

    its cause the spl has its league sponsors and tv deals in the game i found this in a rangers save i had that the sponsorship was never going up cause they have the clydesdale bank deal in the game or something like that.
  12. Bit Unsporting...

    the bug is the keeper placing the ball for the taker, it should be in the game that the attacking team place the ball for themselves.
  13. The board knows best

    you might fill it for big games against liverpool etc.
  14. Quirkiest CM/FM bugs

    that was for penalty shoot-outs
  15. Attendances

    i would say you could maybe expect bigger cup attendances but increased league attendances take time, you'll probably see a difference next season if you continue to do well.