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  1. i think its a great idea. as Raligt ahowed, it doesnt have to be overly detailed, just a simply broken down overview.
  2. i still play FM07 and for me its the pick up and play nature of the game, you dont need to spend ages adjusting all the sliders little bits just to counter the oponent and it doesnt have any game breaking bugs. its just simple and easy and doesnt take too much effort
  3. when the only reason you read about the prems new 7 subs rules is beacause it will help you next year on FM
  4. ouch!!! gutted for you mate this could ruin a save
  5. this an idea me and my mates had. 6th year next year so we could buy FM09 and just play football manager in free periods.
  6. similar to this, when managing a club team, i would like the occasional offer to manage that country's (or my own country's) national under 21's side, or under 19's, or whatever just it's a lot more realistic than managing both senior teams </div></BLOCKQUOTE> i got that in FM06 i think it was i started unemployed and after a spell with arbroath i was offered the Scotland U19s job. Lost in the semi-final of the Euro's to Spain because of the penalty bug - was absolutly raging
  7. not sure if this has been said here before but i mentioned it a few FMs back. i think they should have a single friendly game kinda thing on the main screen. like the play now sort of thing on fifa where you can pick 2 teams to play each other in a single game without having to play them in a season. this way you can look at the team and how they play before deciding if you want to manage them. players wouldnt have injuries or be unfit so you could see them play. you could have 2 human controlled teams so you could play against a mate or something. of course this could be adapted or changed or used with another idea but i think it would be a good feature in the new FM.
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