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  1. I forgot to change to English language before taking screenshots, but guess the point should still be clear... Why can we pick 3rd division in Norway in save setup, but we can not manage teams in the 3rd division? When you come to team selection the 3rd division is greyed out, and you can also not take over a team in 3rd division in a save(like journeyman)
  2. Started my new save with a team I see severall other people here have done, Kaiserslautern. Done first half season, did no signings in the summer and it has all gone fine so far. Been a good first half off the season, playing good football just dropped a few unnecessary points here and there in games we should had full controll, but overall ok. First signs off problems has been January so far, some teams came after my players, like Monaco for Grill, so I thought either sell pretty cheap, have him unhappy or sign a new contract. So I did give a few players new contract, and now we are over wage budget(and I HATE that...) so trying to sell off some players in January but noone wants them, well atleast lets hope get promotion...
  3. Has anyone here done a journeyman save where you want to start in South America? I just can't get a job interview there no matter what team, while in Europe you can start with like 2,5-3stars teams(in small nations ofc like Finland) while in South America I have still not had a single job interview from 1-1,5star teams And I really don't want to start in Europe, as so tired of that since done that in every single FM game for like 11 years now...
  4. One off the licensed leagues since like 2005 or something. Still not working att all in 2019
  5. Yep, I started with Arsenal but decided to just check how MLS is going..... Seattle had let Torres, Meredith, Frei, Jones, Dhillon, Silva and Delem go on free transfer after waiver draft
  6. Maybe could be interesting to test this in FM 20, to see if the club vision can help this?.... A few of the MLS teams have the develop youth players through the youth system club vision
  7. I just wonder, has anyone played with this database but increased the USA youth level stat(think that is what it's called?) ? I just wonder what would happen if USA was producing more great players in this game, if MLS would increase it's level or if all the players would just leave for Europe... Also I have wanted to do MLS saves, but in previous games I have always given up since it becomes to easy when the AI managers struggle to build teams with all the rules in MLS. So I guess more people in here play in the MLS, what is your experiance with this in FM 19?
  8. Yes, I know about the unique rules, that is one off the main reasons why I want to play MLS more. But the AI is what I feared, that it would become to easy... That is the reason why I feel ''forced'' to go to England, because of the insane TV money and often the ''easy brexit'' makes it so even how many weird things the AI do, they still have so much money and easy rules that they still manage to build good teams. And this is the main reason why FM 19 is by far my least played FM, because im so tired of England(or Europe in general, even as a Arsenal supporter) and want to try differant things. But the weak spots, like AI in MLS never gets improved in FM... MLS has developed so much irl the last 10-20 years, while in FM it normally gets weaker and weaker each season...
  9. Hi, I just wonder has anyone here done any long term saves in MLS in this game? I mostly wonder because I have started to watch MLS more and more on tv the last years, mainly Seattle Sounders, but in FM over the years I always found myself to be ''forced'' to play in PL since that is the league I get the most challange. But now I want to try MLS, just done a few short 1-2 seasons saves there before. But I wonder if anyone has done any long term saves and can say how good/bad that league has become? I just wonder if it's a league with high potential to become a pretty good league, or if they will stay at pretty much the same level all the time. I love to do long term saves with develop youth players, and hope MLS is a league where that can be fun for the long term. So what is your expectations with MLS if you have done any long term saves there?
  10. Sorry if asked several times... But how does promotion from championship to PL money works? I have a journeyman save, then in 2025 Blackburn got a new owner, tycoon, so I thought that is the perfect time to go to England and build a former big team. And won the playoff to bring the team back to the PL, and then did ofc start to get the PL TV money. But are you not supposed to get more then TV money when you get pormotion from Championship? Not seen any things to that or a message about that yet, so wonder if it's just me who have misunderstood...
  11. So I started a journeyman save(just that I cheated and started with National B license...) And then eventually I came to Wolfsburg where... we played terrible in the league in my two seasons there, barely avoided relegation both seasons but won the cup both season with fantastic football, with same players and tactic. And 2nd season we won 6 out 6 in the EL group but got knocked out by Besiktas in penalties in 1st knockout stage, but won the German cup again but again 15th place in the league. After that season I did not renew my contract. Then the same summer the Hertha manager went to the German national team and I got the Hertha job. And the season started great, won the 1st two matches, the 2nd round in the league we beat Leverkusen 5-1 away, and played great football, and then 1-1 against Bayern in the next match. Then after that... it was back to the Wolfsburg league form, just this time we still played great football and created many chanses just the striker who has forgot how to finish, while the opponents score on the 1-2 shots on targets they have each match. So... any one who has any tips to survive this league?... This is the tactic I have used with Hertha(just with a weaker midfield on this picture since injury on players like Arne Maier), that won 10-0 first cup match(ofc, against a very bad team but played fantastic football) then 2-1 win agains Hoffenheim, again fantastic football. Then 5-1 win away against Leverkusen, then 1-1 draw against Bayern, all good results with great football. Then it has been 1-0 defeat against Schalke, 2-0 defeat against Frankfurt and 0-0 against Bremen. So not terrible results, but still create many chances, but now feel like Wolfsburg all over again, where you can give the striker the ball 2meters away from the goal, open goal and no defenders any where near and he will still miss, and the other team will score on there 1st or 2nd shot on target, so I thought to ask for help or tips before we are battling relegation again...
  12. I have a problem with this DB and Serie C. Serie C/B seems to be working fine, but Serie C/A and C/C never starts, and both start and end date of the league says 1st January 1900 Picture is in Norwegian, but the problem should still be kind of clear...
  13. Im sorry but... I fail to see how that is ''It was already confirm that the feature isn't the league and that it will be announced tomorrow. ''...
  14. And where is that confirmed and told it will be announced tomorrow? All I see is ''not allowed to announce it, lawyers''...
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