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  1. Im sorry but... I fail to see how that is ''It was already confirm that the feature isn't the league and that it will be announced tomorrow. ''...
  2. And where is that confirmed and told it will be announced tomorrow? All I see is ''not allowed to announce it, lawyers''...
  3. And that's fine, but still stupid to announce a division that has ''always''(as long as I can remember atleast) been in FM as a new feature is still stupid even how complicated and all licenses are...
  4. Yep, Bayern has been doing way worse then they should in all my saves the last years. Specialy FM 18, where in one save they went without a league win in the first 10 seasons, and think the best they did in CL was 1 semi final in those 10 years
  5. Still Newcastle, Cardiff, Palace etc is not better teams then Bayern, Dortmund, Leipzig, Leverkusen etc. Specialy not when I play as Arsenal in PL and Hertha in Bundesliga. But still I keep losing against those teams with Arsenal in PL and beat Bayern etc with Hertha, and Bayern keep losing agaist the weaker teams. (and again, the picture in a previous post is just the example I have so far in FM 19, since not done to much Bundesliga testing in FM 19 yet. So im talking about FM in general, not just 19, have had it like this for years and feel forced to be in PL to enjoy the game even if I dont want to be in PL...)
  6. Sure, but as I told in my post, I have found other leagues then PL to easy for years now just feel even more easy this year. Every year now I have started in Bundesliga and other leagues in FM just to hope it can end up beeing fun and challanging but... then I go back to PL, I don't want to be in PL, but I feel forced for difficulty. Specialy with how Bayern never performs in my saves, like FM 18 save they went 10 seasons without winning the league and the league winners then often had like 10++ defeats a year. So I took over Bayern in my last season in that save just to see, and won the league easy, not because I played great, but because the other teams played.... well, awful. And this is what ruins FM for me, and I don't get why PL end's up always beeing harder then other leagues. Like in PL I often lose against the weaker teams while I am a better team then im often are in Germany. I just dont get why the balance is that off year after year after year, both for me and friends...
  7. I started save with Toronto but found MLS way to easy, so then started with Hertha in Bundesliga and after half a season... This has been my problem with FM, that I feel forced to be a PL/English team, since that is the only leagues I good challange in. But this year so far... The other leagues(or the few I have tested) is even more easy then before. (Ofc, done half a season, things can change, it never did with Toronto but this save can still change the last half season but still...)
  8. No a good sign to my fear of Bundesliga being to easy in FM like in the last games
  9. Just started a save with Hertha Berlin, and will not sign anyone in season 1, not in the summer atleast. I just hope the Bundesliga is more challanging in FM 19, in the last FM's I have normally ended up in the PL just because that is the league I think stays the most challanging. In Bundesliga in the last years I think it has been to easy to win the league even if your team is weaker then Bayern and even Dortmund, just because the weaker teams becomes to weak...
  10. Is it a bug, just the beta or will there not be German 3rd div this year? (without mods ofc)
  11. Added English picture now. And added picture of the right back, also that picture from Liverpool was a counter attack which can explain why some players are out of position. And yeah, I know there is many times they do well in situations like that, but still way to many goals conseeded on cross.
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