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  1. Certainly, the problem is that all the central defenders turn into midfielders and full-backs, the medians into central defenders and sometimes even into offensive wings. The attackers can practically do all the roles from the midfield to the attack. All this in spite of the features. I noticed that the higher the team level is, the more this happens. The attached images refer to the second season, Saul and Lewandowski.
  2. Please solve this problem, it seems unreal to me that every player can play every role despite the features. The example of Harry Kane is eloquent!
  3. I want to say that I have seen players trained in absurd roles, such as Saul who plays Atletico as a left-back, a central striker Icardi who plays from the right wing in a 4-3-3. The more you go on and the players can do all the roles of defense, midfield and attack. Absolutely unreal, a target man should remain a target man !!!
  4. Excuse me but nobody talking about the oddness of roles? So according to FM19 all the tips can play both in the center and on the side. I've seen players like Saul play left-back, Kane or Icardi play as a right-footed forward !!! What is it? In my opinion it is one of the most unreal things and this happened last year!
  5. We must be realistic, for those who understand a bit of real football, this ME is completely unbalanced. It is useless for many scribe: "I am surprised by the negative comments, I do not detect anything wrong". Or "you're probably wrong in the team settings". Do you really think that there are only inexperienced FM people here? I am sure that for the release of 19 they will resolve but do not offend our intelligence please!
  6. As soon as I posted my new TACTICAL, 3-4-2-1 Sampaoli.. Try it !!! https://fmbophonet.wordpress.com/2017/01/09/tattiche-fm17-3-4-2-1-jorge-sampaoli/
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