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  1. I didn't know about the rule, as it was only updated in September and thank you in the player's information continues to say that he is eligible for both nations teams
  2. this 17 year old player has already played for the andorra national team that i coach and now says he doesn’t want to play anymore for andorra and hopes he will be called up by spain. But he has already played official games like the nations league In reality, a player cannot play for two nations team? BUg?
  3. i start save with benfica and i play three time with sporting for league
  4. ah ok dont care about fm bugs ok nice mods, next year no fm
  5. It's always the same, every game I dominate the games, I always have more shots, more opportunities than the opponent always and I can never win please fix it or else it's my game that's broken. want me to upload the game?
  6. https://i.gyazo.com/baff78c933a4a85b38e127778d190e11.gif NIce off side. Pls fix
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