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  1. It's happening with everyone... it's the worst ME ever. I'll back to FM just after next big patch.... A lot of bugs, 1v1, stupid defensors, tactics aren't working for underdogs (I've tried every tactic in this forum)... so... the worst ME ever.
  2. 15 matches... 1 won... Same team, same players, same tactic... It's the worst ME in many years...
  3. Looks like @cgonzalez is correct. I believe some changes were made on ME. After patch, 10 matches and 1 won.
  4. I finished my first season with Palermo in Serie A (already won Series D, C and B). Expected to 20th... I finished in 6th using Zeus V4 and V5. Classified to League Euro
  5. Really? So bad... I didn't test Zeus V5 with new patch, but probably they changed something on ME.
  6. Zeus is the best tactic for FM20 until now. I tried 50-60 tactics and it's the best one. The ME is terrible this year, so the results are not like other years, but much better than any tactic for FM20.
  7. I tested 30-40 tactics... they are not working on 20.2.1... It's impossible... I don't know if it's a bug, but I'll stop to play until next patch.
  8. Thanks, but I didn't find this tactic for 20.2.1 Can you please attach here? Thank you
  9. Anyone with good results using underdog teams? If so, let us know the FM version and the tactic.
  10. Hello knap, I used 4132 WULF for 20.1 and I won Series D, C and B with Palermo. After patch 20.2 this tactic stopped to work and I changed for the new version (20.2), but it's not working too... Now I am in 14th in Serie A. I already tried all your tactics, but there is no instant results after 20.2 release. Any tip for me? I have good youngs... I could be better than 14th. Which tactic is better in my case? Do you use instructions for the players before or during the match? what about training? PS: I know instant results is not the best way to check if a tactic is good or not, but looks like all tactics are not working for me. Thank you very much.
  11. Hey guys, Before start the match I have this issue: The FM closes after I click in "OK" I already tried to reach to this point again and show me the same error.... I tried 6 times... Attached is the Dump File to analysis. Anxious to play FM again... Thanks Regards FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.01 18.45.17).dmp
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