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  1. Okay I did try that, and it all seemed to work, untill a few minutes ago, where it crashed during half-time with some "staging" message. So I assume it's not the anti-virus program, that's causing my game to crash?
  2. No, I was not, not apart from the save I did when the game started, at the first time of the season. It autosaved every second week. On this exact game, I only saved via autosave, apart from the first one. Usually, I save, and then exit afterwards. It does sometime go into sleep mode, and rarely I do shut it down after saving, without exiting. This are only on other saves though, as I never got to do it on this. I do click start > power > shut down. I have AVG Free installed.
  3. I did. Like in the game, only "HSV" and "HSV(new)" are there. The one being from the first day of the season, and the other being impossible to open,
  4. I actually use the 3 file rolling autosave. But none of those 3 autosaves shows up at all.
  5. I created a save earlier this evening, and saved it right when it was created. I played for 2 months, autosaving every second week. During one of those, the game suddenly crashed, and when I reopened the game, I could only choose between a save called with "new" in brackets next to the name of my save. The other save was the save from the first day of the season. When I try to load the save with (new), it simply says "the save game could not be loaded". No autosaves was there I doubt anything could be done to get the save back, but nonethelss, this is very frustrating. FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040315 (2017.11.13 01.34.08).dmp
  6. I just tried it again, and luckily nothing happened then, so just the one time. I am not, unless playing it in window-mode counts.
  7. When I negotiated a contract with a potential new player, the game crashed when I pressed "suggest terms." What can be done to prevent this? FM 2018 v18.0.1.1030019 (2017.10.27 01.24.08).dmp
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