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  1. I haven't played FM since the horrible sidebar UI revamp, but it makes me smile that this claim is still being made years later. It was a claim about FM05, and yet here we are. Never change, SI Forums, never change.
  2. Second. It's usually the point at which they've learnt my tactics, the new guys have bedded in, the deadwood has been trimmed and we go for the double.
  3. I'd try the "requests for future instalments" section https://community.sigames.com/forum/353-football-manager-feature-requests/
  4. Seems to work fine here. Forum migration is always complicated, particularly with such a huge database. All working smoothly.
  5. Great article. As someone who's owned almost every C/FM ever, they are legends. We all have stories, moments in our lives, teams we actually support, that are all thanks to those two guys and a vision. Myself, and the Champions League trophy adorning the cabinet of FC Fylkir, thank you.
  6. To keep this topic meandering off-course slightly, one of my favourite games was Baseball Mogul, and it utilised a series of curves for players potential. Some peaked very young and then nothing. Some had late career bursts. Some did what we'd hope we'd do and gradually improve throughout their career until their bodies let them down. I don't know if FM has a variety of curves for player growth, but it would be a MASSIVE (caps ahoy) help to add variety to the game. Just because your newgen could be the next Zico doesn't mean he will be, or he might but you don't know when it will be. At the moment it's "play them in lots of first team football for the CA boost, max out by 20, enjoy 12 years of world class player". Which is a bit too "read paper, click continue" for my liking.
  7. San Lorenzo I think. He was one of those "obviously better than most" youth intake guys, they accepted 5m. I lost one of my main strikers so stuck him in for fun and he scored. I have a "don't drop in form players" rule and he just never stopped being brilliant. In hundreds of seasons I've never had a player remotely as jaw dropping.
  8. I've only got a couple of screenies (screw you dead SSD), but this guy.. Best player I've ever managed. Well over a goal a game for twenty years.
  9. I think he means drop the high-wage earners to other clubs, replace them with youth players to lower the wage bill.
  10. Depressing how few goals are scored. In a thousand years no team really thrashed another, and no player got more than 5 goals in a game. Hardly likely. Interesting experiment, just a shame the data corruption renders it all a bit unusable for SI to learn from.
  11. The UI. Which I mention a lot, but after the smooth experience that was 14 it's still disappointing to not be able to play the game. Just too frustrating.
  12. I have to vote FM14, but only because the UI of FM15 frustrated me so much I wanted to throw it out of the window. I'm too much of an old dog to learn new tricks I'll have to unlearn in three years time. I'll just wait until SI go back to the top menu system.
  13. Generally just update a few potentials. FM is too rigid in a players capability to 'burst onto the scene'. Harry Kane, for example, would never happen in FM. So I try and adjust a lot of the younger guys to a negative potential to vary the game up a little, whilst also reducing the potential of Man Utd reserves, because their researcher always over-rates their backup players.
  14. Post 28 is like a Utopia. How I would adore FM to provide this level of detail and feedback. The press system within the game (rumours etc flooding your inbox) would make it perfectly plausible to give to the player this information and would improve usability a hundred fold. It highlights how poor the interaction really is. Tons of ephemeral notes and news items, no actual realism. Not complaining as such, but imagine if the news items about no interest was along the lines Alex posted. Obviously without the CA/PA info or revealing transfer budgets beyond "not enough budget to make an offer". I've seen the future, and it's bright.
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