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  1. Scouting!

    I'll ask in here rather than starting a new thread. What countries come under 'South Europe'? Or, perhaps somewhat easier, what Scouts have a lot of knowledge of that area in the game?
  2. Tell me what the injuries are as soon as they happen in a match. (More useful for injuries where the player can still play) I.e. Is it a gashed leg or a twisted ankle? More positions. It would be nice to have SS, CF and AF as I like to call it (Advanced Forward, a player who's on the shoulder of the last defender) Individual width for Wingers. I want my team to play wide for instance, but I want one Winger to tuck in. Or vice versa, I play narrow, but I want one Winger to hug the touchline. Good stats for good players. For instance Rio Ferdinand; I don't care if his CA is higher than most of his peers, I want his stats to reflect his ability. Or Wayne Rooney; his strength is 20, or at least 19, not 16. Bring back the 'Dictates Tempo' PPM.
  3. Demo and system specs

    Has there been a Demo patch yet?
  4. Demo and system specs

    Should my system be able to run 3D? Ta.