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  1. Hello, so here i have a question in football manager, the manager earns salary, awards, records but what about it? its like there is no life of manager, i suggest developers to add life of manager to the game, like one day even managers child is playing football and selected in his team. suggest to add Home, Wife, Team outings, team party, more lively, places where manager can spend money, some real life problems like past career or personal life due to it professional life getting spoiled. also i would suggest stadium costs as well as construction to be in more detail. stadium designs, kit design, club name change, or any other corporate work to be more realistic and detailed more animation if possible as like, if manager could walk in office and training, players knocking if the want to talk, more talking and clearing issues. if any new player arrives and he has problems with the squad how to deal with that. and all of this with actual game play and not text based game. please see to it and revert.
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