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  1. Hi, this is the first time I'm writing on any forum ever, so forgive me if I make any etiquette mistake. I'll learn as fast as I can. I play with Brazilian teams, but it's too many games per season, so I changed the leagues and created nation rules for Brazil to have a 12-team top division league. Tested it for several seasons, it worked. Another thing I changed - in another file, since I had to define new Continental rules - was Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, the two South American championships. Tested it separately for several seasons, it worked. Now, is there a way for me to merge the two files - with the Brazilian and South American rules - into one file? I tried to simply tick both files when starting a new game, but several leagues showed the exclamation mark - most of them European, which I am absolutely sure I did not change whatsoever. E.g., it said there were less teams than necessary in Premier League, Serie A, BBVA and Bundesliga. Can anyone shed some light on how I should proceed, please? Thank you!
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