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    So, I m aware that I may well be alone on this one, but who knows, maybe I'm not. As a referee, I often look at which referees are in charge of my games. I especially like to look at which referees are in control of the big matches; Champions League finals, Europa League finals, World Cup games etc. Too often, I have looked at who is refereeing in the World Cup only to see "Referee: Unknown". Really, when is a World Cup referee going to be unknown?! On that subject, the referee teams that go to the World Cup are selected in advance. They don't take more than 1 referee from the same nation. In one save I had 4 English referees who took charge of just 1 game, 3 Italian referees who all had at least 1 game and 4 German referees, one of which got a semi. Also, I took control of Chester in the lower divisions in England. I was playing a mid table team in a regular league game, and was more than surprised to see Andre Marriner taking charge of the fixture. I have also in the past managed Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby vs Everton for a small referee to take charge... This really is not realistic at all, so I would love to see more realism with regards to referees.
  2. I think I may well have the lowest score. 8/20. Not bad considering I don't think I've ever played the game, and I was 5 when this game was out!
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