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  1. Hi Kyle, I tried everything but nothing worked. I have a couple of databases added plus a custom skin. However, I quit the game and fired it up the next day and it was sorted. Thanks for your time.
  2. Hello, I have just been offered the R. Madrid job, and excitedly took it. Once I'd gone through all the introductions, I pressed continue, which took me straight to my Training screen. From here, it won't allow me to continue. It's as if I've got something to do before I can continue, but it doesn't say Needs Response on the Continue button. I cannot figure out why I cannot go any further now. Can someone help, please, it's driving me nuts?! My file is Chris - R Madrid'
  3. This is a feature I'd like to see also. Along with that, when you go to resize a column, it often starts resizing several columns at once. I just want to be able to make on column wider at a time instead of it moving all columns. It's as if the columns are grouped and changing one will change the rest in that particular group.
  4. Completely agree! It was put forward to me in a Pre Game conference that Pep Guardiola was speaking highly of me, and how do I take it. I responded saying I appreciate it especially coming from someone I admire. After the game, in the post match conference they said that Pep seems to show no desire to cool the war of words with me. I was beside myself. That was completely not the way the conferences had gone and was completely fabricated by the game. Pep and I were on good terms, both praising the other and all of a sudden I'm answering questions about a supposed war of words. Ridiculous!
  5. This is a great recommendation. I often create clubs in the editor for use in different saves. For some saves I won't use all databases. E.g. I have a database called 'MLS SF", where I created a club called San Francisco Bay FC and added them into the MLS. However, long before I created the "MLS SF" database, I had created a club called Royal Newquay 92 who play in League Two in a database called "Custom 1". When I start a game using the "MLS SF" database, I don't select the "Custom 1" database, meaning that Royal Newquay do not exist in this particular game and League Two have the correct teams. Because I have club logos and kits for all teams I create, what this means is that when I go to the San Francisco Bay FC club page in the new game, they have the logo and kits of Royal Newquay, despite me not using their database. It's very irritating. To have the IDs unique to the item created in the database (i.e. not set to the order of when they were created), this would alleviate the problem regarding custom graphics.
  6. Strange post. My game shows inflation very well. I get rather annoyed when my 18 year old striker is sitting on a wage of £5k a week, but just because he's had a fantastic season, he expects me to part with £120k a week from my budget!! And my wage budget has increased steadily year on year, going from £1,800,000 per week to £3,240,000 after 5 seasons.
  7. You negotiate contracts with more money because that's what you'd do in real life. I think an option to use the money earned as managers would completely ruin the game. I'm not playing Football Manager to spend money on silly things. I'm playing to manage a football club. We should be more than capable f using our imaginations when it comes to managers's wages. For instance, whenever I manage a club, I will always research the city they're based in and more often than not I'd browse property websites to see what kind of property I would be able to find while I manage this club. I can imagine spending money on somewhere to live, suitable for my family, close to the training ground. I don't need to actually do it in game.
  8. Hello all. Like many of you, I create kits for my teams, and will often create a new one every few seasons or so to keep the game fresh and help make it feel exciting when new kits are used. This also means I like to experiment with the colours of Away and Third kits. In my Fulham save, I keep their white and black Home kit, of course. But I want to change their red Away kit and navy Third kit. I have created a number of different kits that love to use in game, however when it comes to game time, the Away kit shows as my created kit but the players all wear the red kit still. Same with the Third kit; the new shirt shows but they use the navy one. Can someone help me get around this so i can see the team play in the new colours? Thank you in advance!
  9. I'm not sure I'd be for players having an international preference. It seems to me that option lies with the nation's manager. But having a second preferred number would be good. For someone who enjoys the squad number part of the game, I can relate to players taking silly numbers as being annoying. I saw a newgen AMC at another club who was a solid starter, but had #5, and when I looked at the team's numbers across all squads, numbers 10, 18 and other desirable ones were available. So random. Along the same lines, I'd like to see numbers capped, so that players cannot select stupid numbers like 85 or 99. These numbers have no place on a football jersey. Gone are the days when the number denoted the player's playing position. Finally, I'd like more newgens with preferred numbers, and make them more realistic. I've had DCs want #2 or #3, STs want #12 and others want ridiculous numbers like 43, 63, or 72. Just silly. For me, I always want either 14 or 18.
  10. Hi @Christopher Lewis. I've got a similar issue. I was able to select a training camp destination for the first couple of seasons, but for the past three I haven't been given the option to even have a camp, let alone pick the destination. Is this normal? Thanks.
  11. Football is a crazy game. You can have many things go wrong on and off the pitch. Players having affairs with team mates' wives causing unrest at the club, protests over club ownership, players sent off and banned for things like missing a drugs test (ala Ferdinand) or king-fu kicking a spectator (ala Cantona - as if I needed to explain). Players fighting team mates on the pitch (Bowyer & Dyer, Newcastle Utd) to the utter ridiculous whereby a player will dedicate on the pitch (Linekar, Italia 90). The point I'm making is that none of this was ever reproduced and seen in Championship Manager, and Football Manager has done the same. So, I wouldn't be surprised if we see a Football Manager 2021 release that plays the seasons as normal, with no changes, the only nod to the current virus being some players may be sidelined by after effects of it. Equally, I wouldn't be surprised if they outright ignores the pandemic and released the game as it would have been. Finally, I also wouldn't be surprised to see the game scrapped for the season and SI just work on making FM22 a cracker.
  12. Anyone able to say which value I'd need to give each team to add them to Western & Eastern Conference??
  13. As far as I am aware, if for example your team plays in red tops and white shorts, adding a pair of red shorts to your kit and giving it an Alternative Kit Number value of 1, the gamer will in theory change the team's shorts to play in red ones if the opposition are wearing white ones.
  14. Oh, you-'re making me nostalgic now. Going back to the 2000/2001 edition of CM would be incredible. Or even as far as CM 97/98, that would be something else!
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