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  1. Thank you guys! Editor is not an option for me, as for some weird reason it crashes everytime I try to open it. My question was virtual, as I'm in March, approaching the end of season and it seems I will get promoted to French league top tier, but the club's financial situation is very bad. So unless there is some nice TV money, I can hardly improve the team to be able to stay up. And I got an offer from a second tier German club, so I need to decide where to go next. Basically I would prefer staying in my current club, but if the finances would be damaging my possibilities of succes
  2. I was wondering if there is some website or link, where I could see what are the TV deals per each playable league on FM18. Or if anyone could kindly tell me from their own experience approx. what kind of figures can one expect as a newly promoted top tier side in Germany and France. Thanks in advance :-)
  3. I'm looking forward to this thread. I really like the idea of wing backs of defend duty, I should try that myself as an 4312 enthusiast. Can I ask you what is the reasoning behind the DLP having move into channels PI?
  4. Right backs at my disposal are all only decent Serie A players, and so are also central defenders. Before the finances allow me to improve the personnel, I'm considering moving the DLP/D into the DM strata and making him an Anchor, that could improve the defending?
  5. I have moved on with my save, I have also switched to a 4-3-1-2 recently, it works very well in attack, however the defensive side is problematic as I have one of the worst defensive records in the league. We're fluid and mostly standard (unless away at big teams, then I use counter), and below are players roles and duties. As for TI, most of the time I use none, I trigger exploit the middle when facing teams that have low numbers in the middle (like 4-4-2) and tackling hard when I feel we are letting things too easily to our opponents. GK - defend DR - full back support DCR -
  6. First impact with Serie A has been hard, there was not much money available to strengthen the team, so I have almost identical squad as in Serie B, and results so far haven't been good. I started the season with a 0-2-3, I must add I have faced mostly teams of mid-table or lower, no-one of the top names yet, so I'm worried this season may not go very well. I'm considering going back to counter, but I'm not entirely sure. The fact is - we play well, we create chances, but the other teams score more, set pieces or counterattacks.
  7. So I must say that these changes worked like a magic for me! I'm more than halfway through the season and I'm currently sitting at the top of the table. Thanks for helping me to see what I wasn't seeing. Since changing the mentality the play feels more convinced while still responsible at the back. The box to box on MCL is so much more involved in the play, scoring here and there too. The advanced playmaker on MC and Shadow striker still sometimes play too close to each other, but often it led to nice outnumbering. Only two problems are, the striker feels too much streaky (could be
  8. Thank you guys for the imput! I cannot wait to test the improvements tonight. Now that you mentioned it, indeed the MC/A and the SS were often quite near to each other, so to begin with, I will try changing the mentality to standard and changing the role of the MC/A. @westy8chimp in it's basics I used no TI for now, only during matches according to situation I was adding exploit flanks/middle, hit early crosses and when I was leading, I would add retain possession
  9. Thank you guys! Here are the three PIs I use: DMC has close down less, to keep him tighter to the defenders MCL and MCR have tackle hard Yesterday I started pre-season of 2nd year, and I have noticed there are far too many passes back to the DLP, so I'm considering switching him into a defensive midfielder on defend duty (or maybe even anchor). In my squad I have next to none side midfielders or wingers, so I would keep the formation for now and I will try the suggestion of going standard & lowering tempo and passing settings.
  10. I have started a season with Perugia in Italian 2nd tier, season went okayish, I have reached the goal of top table finish arriving 9th. However there are some issues with my tactics, most of all that I have hard time scoring goals. I use counter strategy in a flexible shape. The formation is asymetric 4-1-3-1-1, with AMCR and STCL. Next come roles and duties: GK - goalkeeper / defend RB - wing back / support (duty changes to attack occasionaly) DC - central / defend DC - central / defend DL - full back / attack DMC - deep laying playmaker / defend MCR - central midfielde
  11. I have question about lone player in a strata. I'm considering a 4-1-3-2 with the two up front being AMC and ST and I was wondering what is the difference between using AMC / STC combination where the players are right in front of each other, or for example AMLC and STRC. Because as in both cases there would be only one person per strata, the movements should be almost alike? And visual difference mostly while without the ball?
  12. I have decided to post an update on how things are going, this save is serving me as a learning curve more than ever. I have finally settled on the 4-3-3 (DM,AMR,AML) formation. I have tried also pushing the AMR&AML back to ML, but it resulted in us creating literally none attack. I must add that I tried it for matches against Celtic, Rangers, Hibernian and Aberdeen, who are all superior to us, so it could have gone wrong anyway, but what I saw on the screen just didn't feel right. One change that I made already during my previous season and since then my teams feel more "compact
  13. Thank you guys! In the end I finished second and won promotion through the playoffs, so now the real fun begins. I like the idea of pushing the AML,R to the ML,R position for tougher games, I will try that against Celtic and Rangers, maybe also Aberdeen and other biggish clubs away. One thing though, some of the players I use in these positions are more of a striker type, than a midfielder, would that be a big problem as they have no positional rating and low attributes such as marking?
  14. Thank you for your reply jorgvandervloed, Yep, I probably haven't explained myself in the first post. The main issue I have is when facing Hibernian, who are the strongest team in the league. I'm doing alright when facing others, I mean I'm supposed to arrive 2nd and that is very much likely. But every time I have played Hibernian, I felt like there was incredible distance between the two teams, basically in 2 of 4 matches I played against them, I failed to even register a single shot on goal. So my worry/question was, is it possible that my tactics is good enough against weaker team
  15. I have started a new save as Dundee United, it took me a while to get better idea of the players and in the pre-season I have tried various formations to understand what could suit my players best. In the end I settled on a 4-3-3 with DM, AMR and AML (having tried also 4-4-1-1 and a wingerless 3-5-2 WB, DM). The formation is in FM terms 4-1-2-2-1 and roles/duties are following: GK - GK/D RB - FB/S DC - DC/D DC - DC/D DC - FB/S DMC - DLP/D MCR - CM/S MCL - CM/A AMR - IF/A AML - W/S FW - DF/S or F9 I use flexible shape and either standard or counter st
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