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  1. Update: The same issue occurred again the next offseason. Again, clubs are making contract offers to the highest-rated prospect (and only him) from my most recent youth intake. Uploaded file: RichStockfordBugSave
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just something I'm not aware of, but I've never seen it before in 20 or so FM seasons. I have a newgen youth team player named Spencer Kuhl for my Leicester team, just signed as part of my youth class. He has the standard youth contract. I have received 11 offers for him, and rejected all of them. Despite this, I am told that he is in advanced contract talks with several of the teams that offered. This is after I reloaded the save when he left to WBA to ensure that I didn't accidentally accept an offer. Uploaded save file: SpencerKuhlBugSave.fm
  3. In the offseason, I signed a 16 year old right-back with 5 potential stars. As he was such a well-regarded Hot Prospect, several other clubs also put in bids that were accepted. In order to get him to sign, I promised I would play him in his preferred position, D(R) as Wing-Back (as that was what I planned to do anyway). Now, at the end of the season, he's saying I broke the promise. How do I tell exactly what he's upset about, as that will govern my response? He started 30 games for my U23 team as WB(S) or CWB(S) (varied as I tweaked my first team tactic). Is he unhappy he didn't start
  4. Experienced Defender - Thanks, that's the sort of detailed feedback I was hoping for. As I noted, this isn't my first choice lineup, but I've had a couple of injuries recently. Last season, I played a short-passing tactic on Positive mentality with Aubameyang as mostly a DLF(A), and he scored 30 goals. I went with DLF(S) here as I was concerned the combination of attacking role and mentality would be too much; however, I think you're right, and I'll go back to DLF(A). I usually use Iwobi as the IF(A) in my tactic, and he's been effective at times (he had two hat tricks earlier this s
  5. I'm now in my second season managing Arsenal. I had good success last season with a possession tactic little different from the default Control Possession one, but it became less effective late in the year and early this season. After some experimentation, I've come up with the one shown here, which has done OK in the three games I've played with it. My concept is that the DLF drops deep to create space, and the AML, AMC, and runner from CM (I've used either BBM or CM(A) so far) move into the space. The FB(A) moves into the space vacated by the AML to provide width. On the right, I've been exp
  6. Thanks guys, some interesting suggestions. I'll work my way through them over the next few days.
  7. I've been playing my Spurs save for a few seasons, and things have generally gone well (largely due to things I've learned from reading other threads around here). However, my reputation seems to have reached a point where most teams will just sit back all game, and I'm having trouble creating decent chances. The 4123 approach I use relies on the WBs overlapping the IFs, with the DLF hopefully providing some space for the IFs to move into. The CMs provide runs from deep, with the DLP starting moves and recycling possession. Most of these things still happen, but they don't seem to work a
  8. I have earlier versions of this save; if I were to revert to one of them, would this problem happen again in Nov 2020?
  9. Here is the crash dump I get now when I'm trying to move to November 4th. FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.09.27 15.19.39).dmp
  10. I tried all those steps, and also tried reinstalling the game. I eventually got it to make it to 4th November 2020, when it would crash consistently again.
  11. Every time I try to advance my game to 2nd November 2020, it crashes. I've tried clearing my cache file and deleting the Preferences folder, but neither made any difference. DxDiag.txt FM 2016 v16.3.2.830543 (2016.09.24 10.42.45).dmp
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