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  1. New season, Community Shield my Wolves 6-0 West Ham United, the opponent is usually a 4141 formation, last season against him three times, two draws and one win, especially after the FA Cup 1-1 draw, I lost in the penalties and stopped in the semi-finals. In new season, I followed his DM all the way with the left forward Patrick Cutrone; the right forward Erling Haaland kept eyes on his MCL (that is, the playmaker of West Ham) and won in the end. I understand that the reason why one of the strikers in the 442 is to keep eyes on the opponent's DM is to force him to return to my own AMC position to ensure the advantage of the number of midfielders, while the other striker follows the opponent's playmaker in order to interfere with the opponent's offensive organization and get more opportunities to break the ball and counter-attack. Of course, if the opponent's strength is average, basically keeping an eye on DM is ok.
  2. Interestingly, Mourinho did so in the last 2-0 win over Manchester City. He proudly talked about the tactical changes he made Son Heung-Min's target from centre-back to Rodri to Kyle Walker, which actually reflected Tottenham's tactical arrangements at all stages of the game. https://www.football.london/tottenham-hotspur-fc/news/jose-mourinho-sends-transfer-message-17676919 "What I was saying at that time was the one playing as a nine, when the block was lower they had to get the position of Rodri, forget the centre-backs with the ball. "For the one on left with 15 minutes to go and winning 2-0, just extra effort but at this moment it is not zonal, it to chase Kyle Walker and help defend."
  3. 1. Against 4231, one striker goes back to man-marking one centre midfielder who is the playmaker of your opponent, while one of your MC goes back to man-marking the opponent's AMC or DLF. For example, STCR marking MCL, MCR marking AMC or STCL. 2. Against 41221, one striker goes back to man-marking the DM of your opponent; another striker goes back to man-marking the MC who is the playmaker of your opponent, if needed. For example, STCR marking DM, STCL marking MCR. 3. Against 352,343, etc, ML/MR should man-marking WBR/WBL.
  4. Yes,the Blue Blood Sword tactic is a striker-less formation set by a Chinese player, it's name comes from the novel Sword Stained with Royal Blood by Jin Yong, a famous martial arts master in Hong Kong. In fact, the purpose of manually retreating the striker to man-to-man in midfield or using no-forward tactics is to compete for midfield, gain more control, and have more opportunities to break the ball and counterattack in the front court.
  5. my ML man-marking your WBR,while my MR man-marking your WBL.
  6. Thank you very much for paraphrase. That's basically what it means.There are a lot of football terms in FM, but it is very difficult to translate them from Chinese to English. My way to achieve this is to ask a striker to withdraw to the opponent's centre midfield and a midfielder to retract to stare at the opponent's AMC or DLF, in order to increase the lack of control in the middle. As shown in the pictures ~
  7. My 'misplaced-man-marking' expression is not accurate, which means manually asking my PF to keep eye on man-marking your DM or MC, my MC to keep eye on marking your AMC or DLF, etc.
  8. Sorry, my English expression is not very fluent, with the help of a translator. I learned this method in China's FM forum playgm.cc, the original link is http://www.playgm.cc/thread-926651-1-1.html the specific text expression I try to translate into English. The author believes that, there can be some special targeted settings for different formations. Face to 4231: 442 pairs of 4231 natural unmanned midfielders, I usually use a striker to manually set the man-to-man midfield, the position of the dragged midfield on the left with the striker on the right, and on the right with the striker on the left, and then use my own midfielder on the same side of the striker to keep an eye on the other side of the midfield. on the right, I use my own midfielder on the same side of the striker to keep an eye on the opponent's front waist. This will make the defense more stable, but because there is only one striker left to oppress the opponent's centre-back, the oppression in the front court is reduced, and the other striker falls deep in defense, so the counter-attack efficiency will be reduced. Need to pay attention to the other side of the ball guard directly to the striker, so also need to pull their own defensive line back a grid. Their own ball possession rate can be stable at more than 40%, and the backcourt ball is no problem, or the other side is a group shape, can not have a forward back defense. It's easy to play against 433, just pull the striker on the right to stare at the opponent's back. In this way, I beat Manchester City in the Carling Cup final of Nottingham Forest's first Carling Cup season at 3:1. Both goals were scored by the striker who directly interfered with the ball in the back and scored a counterattack. The two wingers of 442 can automatically mark the wingers in positions 433 and 4231, and the position is very deep, so the flank defense is relatively stable, and the need for fine-tuning is mainly aimed at high-position defense. Tactics with 3 DCs: just like Conte's first season at Chelsea, he found that the three-back system had plenty of space to take advantage of 442, 4231, 433, 4141 in the Premier League, and Chelsea reversed and won the title. This is well simulated by the engine in the FM, where the winger does not follow the opponent's wingback under the 442 original position. So the 442 can either manually set the two wingers man-to-man on each other's wingers, or raise the two wingers one grid in front of them.
  9. I played for a season with the tactics adjusted by Mr H and RDF, as shown in the picture, winning the Premier League, Carling Cup and Europa League, and losing to West Ham on penalties in the FA Cup. Of course, I didn't use the Instant Result, to lead the game all by myself, and I used the misplaced man-to-man marking, and every game was manually set, mainly one PF withdrew the opponent's DM or MC, one MC stared at the opponent's AMC or the organizational striker. The using of misplaced man-marking's effect is good, especially in the face of 4231 and 3 DC's tactics. The defensive effect is good, but the overall goal is not so many.
  10. I am using the tactic which adjusted by MR H in the BETA tactics you released yesterday. The specific position is shown in the picture. I have not made any adjustments. By the way, my game version is 20.2.4.
  11. Just this one which you uploaded~In fact, it is your best tactic in 2019, your Wulf series of tactics, using the 442 with IWB, WM, MEZ, PF and other characters. My understanding is that WM put on the flank but took into account the middle, MEZ in the middle but took into account the flank, IWB is the full-back but ran to the DM position, PF is the striker but ran to the AM position, this swingman nature of roles and duties mixed, in 2020 is still more effective. KNAP_109_ALL_CUPS_4-4-2_MR_HOUGH_TWEAK.fmf
  12. From the past experience of 2019, and my personal experience, using WM characters on the wing will be more effective and excellent than using W, IW, DW, etc. In my test, the tactic which adjusted with Mr H are better, and almost a set of tactics can be used to the end, because WM is closer to the center, coupled with the use of IWB, the midfield does not suffer very much in the face of tactics such as 4231.
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