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  1. Hi, Knap, why did you use so many "!" in this tactic ?? Is it the best one in 19.3.5 ???
  2. first tactic in this post https://community.sigames.com/topic/451185-fm-19-beowulf-442-44114420-4420wings-and-424-424-if/#comments
  3. Wolves, first season, Premier 137 goals, but more than 80% are corners and throw-ins…… Tactic is Wulf 442 PFP P109 ALL CUPS (with revised set pieces) 英超狼队,首赛季,买了右边后卫姆巴布,租了津琴科和奥里吉,用的Knap最新PF、P搭配的442,三冠王。几乎场场大比分,除了部分反击进球,几乎全是接应角球和大力手抛界外球……前几天有个帖子说2019是FM近些年来第二差的引擎,深有此感,特别是每次传中往对手后卫腿脚上打时(神阵除外),真的想骂娘!
  4. got it, thx~ PI-球员个人指令、TI-球队设置 哈哈😄
  5. What's the different about Time 442 PF and Wulf 442 PFP
  6. Excuse me, what's the latest best tactics for underdogs while you have upgrated your tactics such as 442PFP(p112) ??
  7. Which is best for my Wolves in first season without any transfers ? 4-4-2 PFP(p109 all cups) or 4-4-1-1(p108 no loss) or Beowulf 4-1-4-1 ?? and which is best for LL just like Nottm Forest ? Have you ever test your tactics with underdogs or LL teams ??
  8. 好的,多谢,已在爆棚论坛互动。估计是低级别队问题,已更换强队,不存在问题了~
  9. 不知道是不是BUG,第一个赛季初,赛前简报还是有效的,可以告知对手的阵型报告和球员报告,但打几场比赛后就成默认的了,什么信息都没。查看了我的各种设置,在球探安排的任务中也找到了有探查下个对手的人,但就是没有用。试着换了个首席数据分析师,恢复了;但打了段时间比赛后又失效……该问题不限于单个存档,尝试着清除了所有游戏缓存,重新开档,依然如此!
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