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  1. FMH FAQ & Thread Index

    I've had a couple of crashes so far, mostly when flicking though player profiles in my squad. The most recent one i can remember is about 4 games in with Everton, Yobo had a ! on his name so i was flicking through the screens to find out what it was, and it froze on the screen with the favored personal. I had to close the game using the home button and re-open it, when it loaded from the quick save it was back at game 2 (i assume this was the last time i exited) The Match Engine also seems to be a bit buggy. I've played about 10-12 matches now and i've seen the following things many times. * Players just stop moving altogether on Free Kicks and Penalties, the game sits there then goes back to the previous screen it was on (you have to look to see if it was scored) * All players bar the 2 closest to the ball stop moving and only move in a straight line. So all players are moving, suddenly they all freeze except 1 defender and 1 striker (both named) and they keep moving in the direction that they were going when everyone else froze (often nowhere near the goal) * Penalties are given then it freezes (so they are not taken) - in order to fix this you have to pause the game then press play. Other than that it's good fun to play in short bursts
  2. I agree they are different and that an MMO does constantly evolve, but i wouldn't compaire forum styles with Konami or EA as it depends what SI's overall aim with the forums is. Is it a home for people just to talk about the game with little or no interaction with the company (like a fan site)? A place to report bugs? Or a place where they can interact with the consumer base to fine tune the game to make it the best it can be? Marc Vaughan used to talk a lot about FM before the moved to the handheld version and as far as i knew he was a programmer, so when he spoke a lot of people listened as he was part of the coding team so it felt like his words carried more weight. Personally i just think the forums could do with some honest discussion on what's currently being thought about with the game and less reactionary if possible. For example the transfer module i've seen talked out in great lengths in terms of what's right with it and what's wrong. It would be nice to see some sort of pre-release thread commenting on what they're thinking and what's happening - rather than the wait and see that we sometimes think. Paul's a good example on this as his injury threads go along this line. From memory it was something like: I don't think the number of injuries is a problem but we'll continue to monitor this and please give us examples. Something similar for something as large as the transfer module would be nice. Example: In the patch 9.02 we adjusted transfers to make it harder for teams to sell off players for large sums of money easily in the first season. On further feedback we're still not happy with this and think it's now too hard to sell players and we're still seeing large world transfers for un-realistic players. In 9.03 we will be tuneing the players ability to sell to make it slightly easier and we will be tuneing down the high fees you're seeing at the moment. Contary to feedback we're happy with loans and they way they are functioning and won't change this for the next patch. I think describing things like this would reduce the amount of complaints (or at least focus them in one place) and allow players to know what to expect.
  3. I didn't really want to make a long post about this but i probably will end up doing. Now i know games companies aren't alike but SI could do well by taking a look at the way Blizzard deals with its customers, more specifically it's WoW customers. Now for those that don't know what WoW is, it's an MMO game played by millions of people. It has lots of patches, lots of content upgrades and lots of people complaining and moaning about how the game balence is wrong, it's programmed by idiots and A is better than B and that's so unfair. Within the last year, a poster has appeared on the forums called Ghostcrawler who is the lead designer for WoW. What has happened is now we know about what the designers are thinking and why certain changes are happening. This gives the community knowledge of where the game is going to. There are still the moaners and whiners but his appearence in a thread usually has something interesting about the game or answers a point raised by someone. He actually wrote this on the forums yesterday about Feedback on the forums: *wall of text imcoming* He makes a good point worth remembering, i'm sure that people at SI want to make the best game possible and they're not just throwing out what they've got when the date comes around and there may be many SI employees reading each post but not replying to them. I'd like to see SI to have a version of this person. Someone who can come onto the forums and talk about the match engine, the transfer module, regens and the ideas behind why they work like they do, or where they're looking at taking them in the future. Read this recent article on it and make up your own minds whether SI could benefit from looking at this community model. http://www.wowinsider.com/2009/01/12/the-ghostcrawler-experiment/ I'm not saying it's perfect, but i think it's a lot better than what we have here where it feels half the time it's a constant battle between everyone.
  4. Football manager 2009 demo

    Will there be an updated Demo released with the fixes in the patch applied. I'm still not sure based on what i've tried on the demo and would rather try a patched version of the demo rather than buying the full game to apply the patch and try it.
  5. yeshh, but we shhhould er, yessh, have the option of, how do you shay? talking, like Shhteve Mclaren.
  6. SI's input on the forums

    I agree with Ter, don't turn this into another argument as the thread has been quite positive in it's discussion. You want to argue, just take it to the OTF Any idea if a Q and A session would be welcome Ter?
  7. SI's input on the forums

    It would be at the discression of the team. Eg: "What new features do you have?" could be answered along the lines of, "There will be a blog and video on the 6th September showing you some of the things we have planned" Which doesn't reveal anything before time, but gives people an answer to when something would happen. Questions like, how does X feature work etc, could be answered by saying we can't reveal this. I just think it's a good way of getting that 2 way interactivity people want. The only way it would fall down imo is if serious questions were never answered and it just became a "What's your favourate... X?" fest!
  8. SI's input on the forums

    I do agree with that, as i know i'm guilty of it not just on here but on other forums. A lot of the time you want an answer to a question that can only be answered by an employee of a company so as soon as you know they're active in a thread it seems like a good idea to ask them there rather in the nice thread you wrote that had no response in it. Maybe a regular (fortnightly) Q and A session from Miles (or a member of the team) would be a good idea, each week people post questions in a thread and Miles takes time to answer some of them every 2 weeks (in a seperate locked thread), with the Q and A then archived so people can see previous weeks. The only part would be establishing which questions are more valid than other, so silly questions like "What's your favourate soft drink?" don't over-ride serious questions that the majority would like to know. this way there there would feel like more interaction between SI and it's customers?
  9. I like the comment that Hurley makes on the table. They're playing Risk and then he says "Austrailia is the key to the whole game" - next thing we have Widmore and Ben talking about the island in a kind of tug of war situation and didn't the plane take off from Austrailia? Linked?
  10. ahh, no worries. Just looked like it hadn't been tweaked since the last update from the changelist
  11. Plenty, just check the changelog once you've installed the patch. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> At work so can't use torrents, i was refering to the change list Miles posted the link to
  12. Miles on the Changelist under 8.0.2 there is no match engine section and instead it comes at the end of the 8.0.1 section. Does this mean there are no "tweaks" to the match engine in 8.0.2?
  13. So Hurley went from Mental Institute to Lotto Winner to Island back to Mental Institute? Is it the same one he stayed in the first time?
  14. Ched Great post. But you've missed out one of my favourates. Bolton would like to offer you player X for £100k Click make offer. Offer 100k. Submit. Offer Refused or they try to negotiate it! What's the point?!