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  1. Adding to the point made by @ElJefe4, I've had some success with removing the DLP. When I first tried implementing these tactics I had problems with 'stale' play and the seemingly common problem of over-reliance on passing to the DLP. Who would then inevitably pass the ball to one of the wingbacks.

    I normally put the DLP on support at the base of a midfield three. Switching to a DM-S with Hold Position and Takes More Risks seems to have helped somewhat. Certainly seems less common for the aforementioned "-> DLP -> WB" pattern seems less common. I've also turned off play out defence and work ball into box.

    Possession seems a bit lower (was averaging about 60%, now more mid-50s) and at the moment (although it's a small sample size) goalscoring seems a bit better. The shots:goals ratio has gotten worse (it was bad anyway - it seems to be a systemic issue with FM that conversion rates are low, not just for me but for AI managers/clubs too). Generally at this early stage it looks more promising than before. Will see how it goes for rest of the season.

  2. 7 minutes ago, Impacto said:

    Thanks for letting me know! I was just about to play around with his Total Football adaptations, but I guess there is no point. It seems that game just behaves very differently with this ME. Very dissapointing. I guess I can always go back to playing FM 18 to enjoy his masterpiece tactics, but it's a shame not being able to do it in FM 20. 


    Wouldn't want to discourage you from trying - it may be I haven't tried something quite simple. I've seen others who look like they've had more success (I think yonko had managed something that worked well). Tbh trying to get decent attacking football is a longstanding issue for me on FM, only managed it a couple of times to my liking. Once was on Fm18, of course!

  3. @Impacto I've generally found trying to set up attacking tactics in FM20 in the same way that would produce lovely football in FM2018 doesn't work and leads to dull football. Tried with something like this and Ozil's Total Football (my FM life has basically been stealing his ideas for the past two/three years) and both are really low on goals (defensively generally excellent, though). No idea what it is about the match engine but so far no adaptation I've tried has worked. Will basically have to end up trying something completely different.

  4. 2 hours ago, ThomasHK1979 said:

    I’ve noticed that when you move your two midfielders to DM positions you get some red zones in the midfield. But if you let them stay in the CM positions you are more covered with green zones all around. 
    isn’t that a problem ?

    I wouldn't pay too much attention to those red zones. I've tried using 4-2(DM)-3-1 formations in the past and can't say I've noticed significant problems. I did have relatively positive roles in the DM slots (DLP-S and SV-S were favoured combination) which may have helped - I can see this would be more of a problem with say, and anchorman and DLP-D, especially the players in the AM line are on attacking duties, Also had fairly forward thinking full backs too.

  5. I've had the most success using positive mentality with generally support roles on FM20, but I suspect there is no right answer here. You can probably achieve high possession onc autious with more aggressive roles/team instructions.

    I barely touch PIs but generally encouraging attacking plays to press more urgently helps. I tend to use a playmaker at the base of a central midfield three or four.

  6. 1 hour ago, Experienced Defender said:

    Most probably yes. 


    Yes, as well as on the flanks. 

    Really? Apart from the roaming on the WBs (which I wouldn't agree with Fosse is a feature of Leicester's play, their full backs are relatively discipline in this regard) I'm not sure there's anything there that looks particularly off, especially if the system is set up at the lower end of the mentality scale. More inclined to agree if set to Attacking.

  7. 7 minutes ago, herne79 said:

    Getting consistent performances from strikers (or anyone else for that matter) isn't just about the striker and his role.  It's about everything in combination (the theme of this thread).  Is he creating enough space for himself?  Are other players creating space for him?  Who and how is feeding him the ball to shoot?  How are they getting the space to receive the ball in order to make the pass/cross to the striker

    Unless you've done something really odd with your system, a consistently underperforming striker will most likely have little to do with the striker.  If you want ideas, read the thread.  If you still get stuck you could create a new thread, post your detailed tactical setup (screenshots ideally), describe the problems and someone may be able to give you more specific advice.

    I've read the thread more thoroughly than I care to admit. I appreciate it's about how the whole thing works in tandem, but poor contribution from the striker is really the only thing that isn't working broadly as hoped. I could play around with other roles etc but then one starts unpicking one's whole strategy. I do regularly adjust other roles as a matter of course anyway, often to try and get more support to the striker (or at least get more bodies up the pitch), and it has minimal effect. Just for clarity I haven't been trying new roles/duties at random, but deliberately to try and create a better goal threat, to find space, etc, in response to issues I'm seeing. But the issue just changes, with the end result being middling ratings for the forward.

    I could set up a new thread but this might be an issue others experience when setting up a possession tactic (clearly at least one other person does) so thought it might be a sensible point of discussion here, especially as it already has people's attention.


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