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  1. Hi guys. I have choosen Rugby FC, league is Midland football league in England. Curently i'm playin third season, but i will post some pictures from last two seasons. In first season i did't do anything, but youh intake was realy great. League 17/18 Marc Creany Kai Warner Unfortunately i lost my best regen who sign for Bath on free transfer, and that is beacuse i can't anymore sign part time contracts, only non contract. I don't know why is that. Transfers Max Shaw In second season i manage to gain promotion, with my new 433 tactic. League 18/19 With more great regens for this stage. Michael Bennett Aidem McKee Adam Williams And finally, im curently in month December in my third season and i'm doing very well, but i will post images at the end of season. But still i have problem with signing new contract for my players. On that way i lost one more important first time player. Kyle Rowley Contract He joined to Thurrock beacuse i could't gave him a part time contract. Other teams in league can sign new contracts and new players with part time contract, only i don't have that option. Can anyone helps me with tat problem? Sorry for my bad English.
  2. In last season i have option part time and non contract, and now i only have non contract option. Same thing with my youth players, only non contract option. That confuses me. It's not good option for me, i play youth challenge
  3. Can anyone tells me why i can't extend contracto to any of my players? Only option is non - contract. https://gyazo.com/cbd2827ef3df45e2b3cce8d5e9345eba.png I'm playin llm in England.
  4. And that is not bad idea. Scouts with attributes for JPA and JPP 7 or 8, have same scouts reports, and same stars for scouted player like scouts with attributes larger than 15. That is my experience. Something else unrelated to this topic. Si needs to improve the reality of getting young players worth of the first team in that league where is your club. I'm traveling thorough leagues and in 15 years i didnt get any young player worth of my fist team . That is not even close to reality.
  5. You are right in some of the facts. AI buy players according to his potential. That my player who scores 120 goals has potential, i think maybe 80. Because of that nobody wants to buy him even if his price is 1.6k e. It has never been any interest or something similar. What if we can sees full potential of young players immediately after scouting? Maybe that is better? I just want to say that is to easy to find good regens, we can never make mistakes when we choose young players. I want to work hard on scouting players, bringing them to club and at the end, make him a good football player.
  6. Hi, sorry for my bad English. My suggestion is that PA is not fixed. We scout some players, and we know already that he will success or he will not. And there for we buy only players that our scouts says, he is god. But what if the progress depends on his training commitment, way of play, crucial games and goals, tutoring and many other things? So, we can buy some young player with 2 or 3 stars maybe, that is approximately PA maybe 100. And if he doing all the things above good, maybe PA could raise for him up to 120 or 130. Example: I manage Rugby FC in 9 or 10 rank of competition. And i bought young player and he scores in 3 seasons 120+ goals, but he reaches his PA, and nobody wants to buy him. But if PA could raise up to his fixed limits, he can make future progress in higher leagues, or somebody will buy him. I wnat that when i buy some kids that he is not predestined for success just because he have 4 or 5 stars. All the best guys.
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