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  1. Pikawa nice skin but can you add finance in club overview panel?? that you can see other club finances like you have put on screenshots on first post here. And maybe any backround graphics? is only this one maybe add more? thank for any answer.
  2. Could you send link to this tactic i want try thanks so much!
  3. Hello I have Question How Many Leagues you can play in FM? is any limit to Leagues you can load in Game?
  4. Hello is somebody planning do Japan leagues activates??? I find on Steam Workshop the Japan leagues but is only Club Names no real players in club we have in Football Manager 2018 file which we put in inc file in FM which load real Japan players.
  5. @claassen Thank you for that you try to make happy us even the Editor Bugs which SI did not fixed yet. If possible also after Europe do some important Leagues from South America and some countries from Asia like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,Qatar or Japan?? In this Countries play also some good players like Xavi, Iniesta, Podolski. For Example is Japan because you dont have Iniesta or Podolski in game. Thanks for any work you are the best!
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