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  1. Ok, give it a go at the instructions linked below. See if that makes any difference. https://community.sigames.com/topic/355575-football-manager-2016-frequently-asked-questions/#comment-111602 Make sure you test it out with Furmark, to determine if your computer's temperature is an issue.
  2. Hi there, did you get any crash dumps when the game crashed? If so, attach them to this thread for us to have a look at them, please.
  3. Hi there, Could you upload your save on to our FTP servers for us to have a look at it, please? - Details on how to do it are on the link below. https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2016/how-to/pc/how-to-upload-a-file-to-our-ftp-to-be-checked-r30/
  4. Ok, after having a look at your crash dump, what we were able to conclude is that this is an system error, that should be solved if you re-install your OS. If you choose to do this, you should back up all your files beforehand.
  5. Thanks for letting us know. If any other issues occur, don't hesitate on raising it here.
  6. Thanks, Can you attach the crash dump here, as well, please?
  7. Hi there, After having a look at your save, we are sorry to conclude that there not much that can be done to help. Unfortunately, in this case, with the amount of database changes introduced, some of those changes might've created the issue. We've noticed that, although you've got it scheduled to start on the 6th of august, the schedule for the Portuguese Second League did not generate at all(looking at your Schedule Section), and this is an large indicator that the save is experiencing issues, with generating leagues and its schedules, which would influence the squad registrations. This being the case, we are to conclude that there is some faulty editor file that created this issue. That being said, we apologize, but we can not provide any help with your case, as this seems to be a case where the save is corrupted beyond repair. Apologies that you've encountered this issue.
  8. So, you had fm2016 on your computer and your girlfriend tried to open Civ6 from her computer, using a shared steam account. Correct? Could you try to do this the other way around? You opening Civ on yours and she opens fm2016 or hers? It's just to see if this is an issue with the account settings or anything else.
  9. Hi there, Can you please attach the crash dump file to this thread for us to have a look at it?
  10. Please create your own thread in order for us to address each case separately and without unnecessary mixtures. Also, give as much detail possible about: When does your issue occur?(what are you doing when it happens) How many times does it reproduce? Also, provide the crash dump that was generated on that error.(follow the path that the screenshot shows - documents\SI\fm2016\crash dumps)
  11. Hi there, Could you attach the crash dump generated by that error to this thread for us to have a look at it, please? A dxdiag file would be helpful as well - details on how to get that are on the link below. https://community.sigames.com/faq/football-manager-2016/how-to/pc/how-to-find-my-system-dxdiag-r29/ Also, did this happen when you launched the game via steam or via the desktop shortcut? Was it a one time occurrence?
  12. Thanks for lettings us know. Please, keep us updated on your issue.
  13. Hi there, your graphics card seems to be a bit outdated, can you give it a go at the instructions below and see if that changes anything for you, please? How to update my Graphics Card Drivers [PC]
  14. Hi there, Can you give this a go and see if it changes anything for you? How to update my Graphics Card Drivers [PC]
  15. Hi there, Can you upload your Dxdiag? - How to find my System Dxdiag [PC] Can you please upload the save you're trying to load on to our FTP servers, for us to have a look at it? - Details on how to do that are listed on the link below. How to upload a file to our FTP to be checked [PC]
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