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  1. Hi Skky, The game should remember the leagues and nations you used to create your last save game. If this isn't happening for you properly please open a thread in the bugs section of the forum and we will look at the issue. Cheers, James
  2. Regens faces keep changing?

    Please also let us know if you're using any 3rd party hair graphics - @pdstanbridge have you got this issue whilst using extra graphics? James
  3. Wrong score with news article

    Hi Vilmar, Have you tried it without the third party graphics? Could you also let us know what version of FM you're on please. Cheers, James
  4. Hi Hamza9276, Have you cleared your cache and preferences and reverified your game cache after removing the third party graphics? Cheers, James
  5. Interface lag, slowdowns

    Hi Fortune66, Could you have a look at the thread I've attached to make sure your anti-virus isn't impacting on FM or Steam. Thats also quite a high number of leagues and nations in a game thats progressed quite far, so a degree of slow down is expected, but please upload your save to our FTP and we'll take a closer look. Cheers, James
  6. Regens faces keep changing?

    Good Morning, Thanks for the fantastic screenshots, that does look wrong. Could you please upload a save game just before it changes to our FTP so we can take a closer look? Cheers, James
  7. Interface lag, slowdowns

    Good Morning, If you could provide us with some extra info that would help a lot: How long has your save been running e.g. what year is it? How many leagues and nations are loaded? Are you using any third party add ons like skins or facepacks? Are you running any programmes at the same time as Football Manager? Cheers, James
  8. Regens faces keep changing?

    Good Morning, Could you send us some screenshots of the players faces before and after they change please? Is there any event that triggers the change? Newgens will get their haircut from time to time, if its happening way too often let us know. By celebrate after a cup win do you mean on the pitch after the final whistle? Cheers, James
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for posting, we're aware of the issue and are currently reviewing it. Cheers, James
  10. Hello, Thanks for your help, we'll review the problem now. James
  11. Morning, Can you send us further details about your split view setup, what info you view on what panel etc, so we can try to match your setup as closely as possible please? Cheers, James

    Hello, We've passed the save game onto our Dev team to take a closer look, we'll keep you updated when we know more. Cheers, James

    Thanks for the saves. We're able to read all the inbox items and continue but several messages that come from news sources are blank, is there anything that may have caused this? Cheers, James
  14. National Management

    Hi Shido, Is this an FMT issue? Let us know what operating system you're using and we'll move this to the correct section. Cheers, James

    Are you able to upload a save game where you have unread messages to our FTP so we can take a closer look? Cheers, James