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  1. Hi Skky, The game should remember the leagues and nations you used to create your last save game. If this isn't happening for you properly please open a thread in the bugs section of the forum and we will look at the issue. Cheers, James
  2. Its no worries at all, it can't be helped its random but it does make it more difficult for us to fix so it may take a while to diagnose. We'll load your save and have a click around and try to reproduce the issue. Cheers, James
  3. Hi Nickz, Can you follow the steps suggested here: Let us know if this solves the issue,
  4. Hi Maku, This appears to be an issue with a Windows 10 update not the game itself, we're collecting information from affected users to find a solution so a degree of patience will be required. One user found that using a third party tool MSI afterburner solved the issue for them. Are you also using antivirus software? James
  5. Hi Tahir, Take a look here and see if you have tried all these steps: James
  6. Thanks a lot, it will help us get to the bottom of the issue. Upload it when you can and we'll have a look. Cheers, James
  7. Okay glad to hear it, get back to us if there are any other issues. Cheers, James
  8. Hi Tempelman, Can you upload your save game to our FTP and let us know if there are any specific places or names that will help us reproduce the issue faster. Cheers, James
  9. Hi Danaro, Can you attach the crash dump file to this thread and provide us with more detail about how you force the crash? Cheers, James
  10. Thanks for the additional information, we will continue to monitor this issue and hope we can reproduce it. James
  11. You should now be on the 17.3.1 version of the game, has it updated correctly? Just to confirm you tried uninstalling MSI Super-Charger, PnkBstrA and Cheat Engine, but you haven't stopped using FMRTE? James
  12. Morning Doras, Can you try unplugging your monitor, restart the machine and plug it in a try again please. James
  13. Hello, You should be on 17.3.1 now - can you confirm if you've had this update? Are you playing on Windows 10? There was a Win10 updates that seems to have had a knock on effect for FM. James
  14. Hi Rafael, Are you loading the game from steam? Which loading screen is it getting stuck on and is there an error message? James
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