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    In CM 94 - at the end of the season you sold your best player to an italian/spanish/german club for 2.75 million! (Amiga)

    CM0 01/02 was the best

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  1. This is excellent news Olly. Big thanks to the SI team for resolving this!
  2. I'm pretty sure of it as well. Reading through the regulations I couldn't find an exclusion for Liechtenstein clubs. The rule is pretty simple and straightforward: the winner of the Europa League qualifies for the Champions League. Edit: forgot to add that I believe this is a bug and if it still exists in FM16 should be raised in the bug forum. Edited August 28, 2016 by eriktous Perhaps not a bug per se , but a consideration never considered (Unsurprisingly)
  3. I thought I would revive this thread. I have seen the rules and regulations regarding european qualification via domestic competition or by guest swiss league participation. Nonetheless, if Vaduz actually won the Europa league (V.V. unlikely) then surely they should qualify for the Champions League regardless of their domestic status??. Has anyone found out if this is the case in the latest version of FM (I'm still on FM15!)
  4. FM2015 - Many years into the future - Won the Europa league with FC Vaduz. With the swiss league limitation, I was expecting this to be the only way to qualify for the Champions league. However, the next season we were still entered for the europa league 1st qualification round. As europa league winners qualified from 2014/15 onwards, is this a coding oversight? Would this occur in future versions of FM. Id like to know before attempting this challenge again?.....
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