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  1. Ah great thanks - will give it a go with the latest sortitoutsi update
  2. Ah ok apologies - so atm the choice is between correct fixtures and correct squads? No worries - will check the bugs forum and follow the relevant threads. Thanks for swift reply
  3. Hi guys - having some issue with this file - Chile, China and Peru all don't load as some clubs don;t have fixtures, and lots of other leagues can't be added as there aren;t enough teams? Specifically Italy and Spain are the ones I would like to work that aren't. Any idea how I can fix? Thanks, Josh
  4. Years and years ago now (but still seared into my memory) I started a save as West Brom in the championship (FM08 maybe). Given a £1m transfer budget I elected in my wisdom to spend all of it on a 37-year-old Henrik Larsson (the rest of my squad was already top notch but with no real forward options and come on, we all love Henrik Larsson!). He joins. Is introduced at a press conference. Takes part in exactly one training session. Ruptures his ACL, out for 11 months. Promptly follows medical advice and retires immediately. Leaves me with zero budget, and a season with Ismael Miller and Luke Moore as my only options up front...
  5. First season youth intake at Middlesbrough - my strikers haven't been performing in the second season so have thrown him in recently and despite not contributing much else (need to boost his passing really?) he's already bagged 2 in 3 starts. Anything else glaring I should be focusing on with this kid? Want to play him as much as poss in the championship so he can continue to play if we get promoted...
  6. @warlock Argh good luck - I haven't even risked him or Dimi in the cup games in my save, hopefully he rolls back the years for you!
  7. Superb write-up cheers @warlock - as a Boro fan I think our squad is a really good challenge for managers expecting an easy ride due its unbalanced nature (4 forwards, about 7 CMs, no right wingers or AMs etc) I started a save with transfers disabled, and set about trying to implement the Pulis way with a flat 5-3-2 (lets you make use of our ridiculous CB and CM options) focusing on set plays. All was going fairly well despite some teething problems until Britt did his cruciate leaving him out for the season... After that results dropped off a cliff somewhat leaving me chopping and changing formations (a bit of 442, a bit of 433) with the dreaded board meeting demanding 9 points from 5 games going into January. Luckily I managed to bag 10pts thanks to a late penalty miss, and since then I've been able to finally strengthen the squad with Phil Foden, Ademola Lookman and Diego Dalot (all on loan of course). These signings have enabled me to transition to a much more vibrant 4-2-3-1 which is really playing to new favourite Jordan Hugill's strengths (playing as a CF-s, now scored 7 in last 9) plus giving me pace on both flanks with Tav (developing really well, now rated 3.5*) and Lookman, and finally having a real creative player in Foden to channel play through. Not at home atm so no screenshots just yet but despite still languishing in 8th we're starting to put together a real run and long may it continue!
  8. I have found the DLP to be effective especially at home, but away from home you may be more suited to a CM(D) for added discipline and a player with stronger defensive attributes (someone may correct me but PIs for both roles are quite similar, you may be able to tweak to your liking) - In terms of the WM it generally seems my play is quite lopsided down the right (although Ibe is my strongest mf so I'm happy with this), and the WM isn't as involved in build up as much as I'd like. When the rest of the players are firing it's fine, and the WM playing slightly narrower helps with defensive shape if we get countered.
  9. I'm playing a 4-4-2 atm with my Bournemouth side, and I've found that it works best (for me anyway) to: Have plenty of pace in your team on the flanks and up front Set your defensive line to 'deeper', and enable higher tempo, more direct passing, defensive/counter mentality (Essentially think of Leicester last season) As my forwards (Wilson and Afobe/Assombalonga) are both quick but not big I've also enabled 'low crosses' which has proved successful in this FM Also have made one of the wide men a winger (A) and one a Wide Midfielder (S), as with the right player the WM then becomes a goal threat from those crosses My full team (give or take some rotation) is: GK (D) Rajkovic RB (Defensive full back) - Callum Chambers CB (D) - Michael Keane BPD (D) Steve Cook WB (S) - Charlie Taylor W(A) - Jordan Ibe DLP (D) Lewis Cook BBM (S) Harry Arter WM (S) - Jesse Lingard DLF (S) - Britt Assombalonga CF (S) - Callum Wilson
  10. Good luck in your Nice save Jogo - and thanks for your reply to my post! In a short and sweet wrap up of my French experiences - it went bottoms up quite quickly! Rallied really well at the end of season 2 to finish 4th, qualifying for Euro Cup and playing some really nice stuff, but this was followed up by a very frustrating summer. Firstly the club's less than ideal financial state meant I was limited to a summer transfer budget of about £800k, and limited leeway in wages. Did manage to get in Gaston Gil Romero and Luis Henrique on frees - but while the former is a top player, it meant accommodating him along with Mendy (I had planned to take advantage of interest in Mendy, but with just 10% of transfer revenue it wasn't worth it). Worked the budgets around (and sold Elustondo for a £5m profit) to bring in another couple of additions (and another loan for Rashford), but ended up having to field Mendy at RB to fit him in. Additionally Ben Arfa pulled a strop when I wouldn't sell him to Porto (for less than his value!), and looked completely disinterested when the season began. Long story short we played well in Europe but couldn't string together any results in the league, ending up in 17th in December and prompting a dressing room revolt (started by Ben Arfa the problem child) - after which I resigned as it just wasn't fun anymore! So I hope your experience with Nice ends less messily than mine, but I'm very keen on returning to France either in FM16 or when 17 comes out - the relatively level playing field (under PSG) makes it a really exciting league to be in, as a few sound additions can have you pushing for Europe quite quickly. Low budgets also mean you've got to juggle resources to succeed, and I always enjoy a free transfer gem! Cheers and good luck!
  11. Hi all - short time lurker, first time poster (so apologies for any rookie mistakes!) Great thread, really good idea from Jogo Bonito and I think it allows for better variety and discussion than just individual club pages. Thought I'd add my current progress in France since it's the first time I've managed across the Channel. ------------------------------------------------ So I started the save with Leeds, but it swiftly went downhill and I was quite relieved when the usually trigger-happy Cellino finally fired me. After that I immediately got on the lookout for a new opportunity, and in early February 2016 up popped the Nice job. Claude Puel had been binned after a campaign flirting with relegation, and although they were 17th, skint and just a point above the drop when I took over, the chance to harness Nampalys Mendy, and Hatem Ben Arfa was too tempting to turn down. The remainder of the season passed in encouraging if inconsistent fashion - Nice have an excellent selection of midfielders but options up top and at the back are less inspiring. In the end I managed to steer them clear of relegation and to a respectable 14th position, although a late slump made it less comfortable than I'd have liked! Highlights included 1-0 away wins over Lyon and PSG, so that's encouraging if we can deliver that again. Tactics-wise I stuck mostly to an asymmetric 4-2-3-1, with Mendy/Seri at the base, and the two exciting prospects of Remi Walter and Vincent Koziello (screenshots below) rotating in front. Then I made the decision to move Ben Arfa from his natural AMR (if) role into the AMC slot as a Trequarista - mainly to get him involved much more in our attacking play through the middle. It seemed to work as his ratings shot up, and found him getting plenty more key passes and assists. Had no real options at AML so retrained the average but versatile Jeremy Pied to play there - and used Plea, and loanee Pereria (Porto) on the right. I had very minimal budgets to play with, but did manage to line-up a couple of free transfers: Bernardo (Espinosa) from Sporting Gijon - big strong CB who in all honesty I signed because he's just joined my IRL team Middlesbrough in real life! DOing ok so far though Damien Perez - attacking LB from Velez, no world beater but was a weak spot in the team and has been very good so far Going into the summer I was granted a further warchest of... 1.2m (and about 10k spare wages) So not a great deal to play with (and with Nice's financial outlook not great) I wasn't keen on pushing it any further. So it was a summer of loans and bargain hunting tbh, but in the end managed to get a decent bit of satisfactory business done: Richarlison came in to be my no1 forward, but has been pretty underwhelming so far (although chances limited as I'll explain) Rashford and Lingard in a nice job lot from Utd have proven very useful (especially as Rashford is decent in multiple positions) And Elustondo was a late bargain unearthed by a scout looking for a RB - already 3.5 ability and again can cover two positions. Outgoings aren't really worth going into, I kept Mendy despite interest from the PL, and all other outgoings were fringe players - I generated a transfer profit of 1.7m so I'll take that. So going into the season I was confident of a solid midtable finish perhaps pushing for top half, with last season's underachievement and a more balanced squad. I was still worried about a lack of a top quality goalscorer, but it turns out we had one all along! Bosetti was shipped out on loan last year to Norway (scoring a respectable 15 in 28), but with a 2.5 ability and a unmemorable preseason I wasn't banking on him playing much of a role. However after a nightmare debut for Richarlison and a niggle for Rashford he was given a chance - and hasn't looked back since, with 18 goals in 20 Ligue 1 games so far - and some improved stats across the board. His goals, and the newly improved defence have seen us performing above expectations all season - and just after the halfway mark we find ourselves... 6th is excellent for a team on such a shoestring, and actually we were hovering third until a poor xmas, but I'll take that all day long if we can keep it up. Highlights include a spectaclular 5-0 win over Lyon - with Bosetti bagging four goals in the process and running them ragged all game Looking towards the end of the season I'd like to finish in the top 8, hopefully pushing for Europe, but with no money to spend in Jan our small squad could struggle. Again I've tied up a couple of free transfers for the end of the season - with Gaston Gil Romero coming in (a real coup), which may allow me to cash in on Mendy or get them both playing together. I've also agreed a deal for Saint-Ettiene's Jonathan Bamba - anybody had any exp of him? In my previous save he develop into an absolute beast, eventually joining R Madrid for 35m and generally looking incredible. Doesn't seem quite so powered in this save but I'm taking a chance and will make a profit regardless. Anyway that's my progress so far - again I'm a first time poster so hopefully I've not messed up too badly (not sure if the images will work!) - any Nice-related questions fire away, and I may update at another random point down the line!
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